Victoria and David Beckham’s new clash over Brooklyn

Like father, like son?

Brooklyn Beckham, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

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It’s not uncommon for folks to want their children to follow in their footsteps, but Victoria Beckham is worried her eldest son is following a little too closely in her husband’s.

Insiders say the fashion designer is scared her eldest son is turning into too much of a "lad" and she’ll lose their close bond.

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"Victoria’s been having a hard time with David and Brooklyn’s intense father-son bromance," says an insider close to the former singer, who is also mum to Romeo, 17, Cruz, 14, and eight-year-old Harper.

"They’ve always been close, but it’s become more of an issue recently as they’re doing everything together these days. She’s feeling left out and sometimes feels hurt up by their behaviour.

"It stings, especially because Brooklyn used to be such a mummy’s boy. He was the one Victoria could turn to when she was feeling lonely or sad. If David wasn’t around, Brooklyn would even go to events with her as her date. Victoria’s worried she’s losing him and their close relationship."

Brooklyn Beckham, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

It follows pictures last week of David and Brooklyn, 20, laughing uproariously in an outdoor tub. The dad and son both shared shots on their Instagram, with the 44 year old adding the caption, "Obviously something was funny about being in an ice bath in October @brooklynbeckham."

The budding photographer wrote next to his own topless shot, "Love the countryside."

It followed the former footballer’s lads-only trip to Scotland with his best pal, football agent David Gardner, where they visited Fife’s Haig Club whisky distillery and attendeda beach dinner party.

heat magazine’s insider continues, "That hot tub pic made Victoria annoyed. She can imagine the two of them laughing and joking, talking about tattoos, muscles, sport, fashion and – maybe – girls, while they lark about taking blokey pictures.

"She hates when she hears Brooklyn behaving in a laddish manner – especially with his dad. She doesn’t like sounding uptight, but she can’t stand the thought of her lovely boy being seen in the wrong way."

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As heat recently revealed, the former Spice Girl has been worried in recent months about Brooklyn copying her husband’s partying ways and potentially damaging Brand Beckham.

"She’s concerned about their reputation," says a source close to VB, who recently celebrated 20 years of (admittedly rocky) marriage to the England captain. "She’s tried to talk properly to David about the way she’s feeling.

"She reminded him that Brooklyn might be a grown-up now, but he’s still their son – not some mate he’s met at the football."

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They continued: "But David just brushes her off and says she’s making a big deal out of nothing. He laughs and rolls his eyes – which is exactly the kind of behaviour that Victoria fears her boys will see and start adopting.

"Harper, too, adores her dad and brothers and copies everything they do. Victoria knows her children are growing up and she can’t protect them forever, but she doesn’t want to lose them.

"The whole thing is causing arguments at home, and Victoria feels pushed out. It’s making her angry."

Read more in this week's heat magazine, out now.

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