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Their house is Pinterest galore

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Vicky Pattison and her TOWIE star boyfriend Ercan Ramadan have been together for over a year and have already moved in together.

The happy couple regularly share snaps of their home and, honestly, after having a look around it we're not surprised.

It's literally goals: from her colour co-ordinated furniture to her kitted out balcony we're obsessed.

So - without further ado - here's a look inside Vicky and Ercan's incredible Essex home...

Vicky Pattison's living room

Vicky's opted for grey and black tones in her living room as we can see from the photo below. From her three frames on the wall to her unique silver and black lamp - it's giving us major inspo.

Unlike the rest of Essex who have that crushed velvet sofa in their house, the reality stars have a plain grey sofa and it looks VERY cosy. We're also loving her matching cushions.

Seriously Vick, can we get an invite? Look at all the snacks on her table. This is our ideal movie night in.

Vicky Pattison's living room

Vicky loves matching her furniture, and her curtains and chairs are evidence of that. This room is bright, clear and homely, and exactly how we want our living room, tbh.

Vicky Pattison's bar

OK, so technically it's not a bar (it's in her living room) but if we see a neon sign, we automatically think that we're out for drinks.

The 'you're the gin to my tonic' sign speaks to use directly and we're not going to lie we're desperate to buy that two tier snack board.

Vicky Pattison's bedroom

OK, we're not seeing much but her bed does looks huge. Vicky and Ercan are both in there and there's lots more space... We're also loving her PJs and matching headband in this snap.

Okay that's better. Vicky's opted for cream and grey bedding and she has a huge mirror in her bedroom which is perfect for outfit snaps like this one...

Vicky Pattison's walk in wardrobe

We love having a look inside celebrities' wardrobes because they're ALWAYS bigger than ours and Vicky's is no different. It looks like she's sharing with Ercan too - cute.

Vicky Pattison's bathroom

We couldn't believe it when Vicky shared a photo of her bathroom; we thought it was a picture from Pinterest. We desperately need that bath board in our house; think of all the snacks and Netflix.

These frames on her bathroom walls are also a must. It's great way to add a little colour and positive vibes to the room.

Vicky Pattison's library

Not everyone can have a library room but Vicky's still made do with what she's got. We're loving the layout of this desk area - books, flowers and a few picture frames. Not OTT but enough to create a relaxing space.

Vicky Pattison's balcony

Vicky's balcony is oh so dreamy you'd forget you're in Essex. We're obsessed with the monochrome tones and the fairy lights. We could SO see ourselves having a girls' night in on this balcony (once lockdown is over of course).

These plants are an absolute vibe and make her balcony look homely. If you don't have a garden here's how you can recreate one - just have lots of plants.

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CLOSER Vicky Pattison past lovers - SLIDER

Vicky Pattison1 of 18
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Vicky Pattison

A fresh-faced Vicky Pattison first tore onto our screens on MTV's Geordie Shore in 2011. Back then she was 23, was working in telesales. . . and fresh out of a relationship with local lad John Noble. With a mega-watt TV career on the horizon, which hunky lads would this 'VIP' set her sights on?

Vicky Pattison2 of 18
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Vicky Pattison

'Dad of the group' Jay – so dubbed for the semblance of sanity he was riddled with – made quite the match for balshy Vicky during their short lived romance in series one. But the love affair wasn't to last, as Jay announced he was leaving the show at the end of series three to focus on his relationship (not the one with Vick, FYI).

Ricci Guarnaccio3 of 18

Ricci Guarnaccio

Yet by the time of Jay's teary departure, Vicky had already shacked up with another Geordie Shore co-star. In fact, that very same episode saw Ricci Guarnaccio propose to her during dinner in Cancun. Sadly, early on in the next series Ricci asked for the ring back after Vicky got a naked spray tan (or something), and Vicky has since called him'spoiled', 'arrogant', and condemned their relationship as 'hell'. Sadface.

Fit Dan4 of 18
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Fit Dan

Another one from the Geordie Shore archive, Vicky met Fit Dan (AKA Dan Conn) while filming series 6 in Australia, and he really was very fit. A former pin up boy from Australia's NRL, Dan was working as a fitness guru in his native Sydney (go figure).

Dan Conn5 of 18
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Dan Conn

Sure, their initial romance was short-lived, but Vicky has called Dan 'the one that got away' and they've reuinited a number of times, most notably on 2014's Ex on the Beach, where Ricci was also an islander. In 2017 Dan met up with Vicky in Newcastle, and said he was "genuinely happy" she had found love with John.

Kirk Norcross6 of 18
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Kirk Norcross

Vick dated OG TOWIE boii Kirk Norcross in late 2013, first spotted together cosying up over a mulled vino at Winter Wonderland. Kirk was not long out of a relationship with alt model Cami Li, which set sparks flying when all three of them appeared on Ex on the Beach the following year. What was really awkward, though, was when Kirk confessed his love for Vick - who then went on to crack on with Stephen Bear hours later. She also said she'd "never loved him" in a 2015 column for New! magazine. Ouch.

Gaz Beadle7 of 18
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Gaz Beadle

Now, this one was the real shocker! Vicky and Gaz Beadle had been alpha-ing all over G Shore since season 1, but never did we ever expect them to hook up. But following a few too many Jaegers and a night in the hot tub, that's exactly what they found themselves doing. The following morning, Vicky called it an "all time personal low". We've all been there, pet.

James Morgan8 of 18
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James Morgan

Maybe the horror of doing the Parsnip was too much for Vicky to bear, because it wasn't long following her and Gaz's traumatic hook up that she hung up her Geordie shoes to focus on her relationship. Who was the special lad? Former Ice hockey player James Morgan, who'd already done the reality TV rounds with TOWIE's Maria Fowler.

James Morgan9 of 18
CREDIT: Instagram

James Morgan

"At our age we've all got an ex we'd rather forget. Frankly, she's an attention seeker," she told Daily Star at the time. " 'I've rushed that before and it didn't go well, so with James I just want to do everything right. What we have is so special and so right- we just want to enjoy every stage. I've never felt like this before. I think he's definitely the one." Shortly after quitting the show, Vick and James broke up, and he was later arrested and jailed for armed robbery. So not a nice guy, in the end. thank u, next.

Stephen Bear10 of 18
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Stephen Bear

Oh, Bear. Bear, Bear, Bear. As lovable as he is (in a weird way), we're still gobsmacked that so many savvy sleb ladies give him the time of day, given his appalling track record with fidelity. They met on (quelle surprise) Ex on the Beach, and ever the gentleman, Bear was not coy describing their sex life on leaving the show. "Our sex life is f@!king sick. It's the best sex I've ever had. It's blinding, so explosive. We are really passionate about it and we are really madly in love," he said."I always tie her up and she f@!king loves it. I wear the trousers in the bedroom and she knows it." Charming.

Stephen Bear11 of 18
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Stephen Bear

In a SHOCKING (not) turn of events, Bear proved to be unfaithful to our Vick, and then went on to date her former Geordie Shore co-star Charlotte Crosby. But Vicky isn't one to let bad behaviour slide, and said at the time: "He's literally been the most vile, horrendous, snaky, conniving and manipulative person I have ever met.""I'm truly shocked that I've allowed myself to get so taken in - but there you go. Love is blind, or in my case, blind, deaf, stupid."

Alex Cannon12 of 18
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Alex Cannon

If it was up to us, these two would have lived happily ever after and sailed off into the sunset way back in 2015, when they first worked as co-stars on MTV spin off Judge Geordie. Vick described male model Alex Cannon as 'carved by angels'. The two were already close pals when he went into the Big Brother house in 2016.

Alex Cannon13 of 18
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Alex Cannon

The two of them have always insisted that they're "just good friends" (booooo!) but she definitely gave some conflicted messages during an appearance on Loose Women in 2016. "I'm so in love with him, man. I don't know, I can't work it out… we said we'd marry each other when we're 30 and we definitely will at some point, but I'm so confused by my feelings for him," she said. She also revealed Alex had been an ongoing point of contention during her relationship with Bear, when the two of them were presenting together.

Alex Bowen14 of 18
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Alex Bowen

With unrequited love for Alex Cannon swirling in the background, it's no wonder that following her split from Bear Vicky was after some casual romance. Over Christmas 2015 and New Year, she stepped out on home turf with another male model (and another Alex), Alex Bowen. The couple were reportedly introduced before Vicky headed out to Australia to film I'm A Celeb (which she then went on to win). The romance was not to last, and Alex is now married to Olivia Buckland who he met on the 2016 of Love Island.

Mario Falcone15 of 18
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Mario Falcone

With her career seriously taken off thanks to her stint in the Jungle, 2016 was the year of the reality TV romance for Vicky. Having been running in the same circles for years, she began dating TOWIE's Mario Falcone, although kept it under wraps for weeks. She eventually spilled all after they'd split, saying on Loose Women, "Mario was very sweet, I suppose a bit more like the girl in the relationship, he would text and say 'Oh I miss you, you're really busy'. ""And I suppose I had to concede 'yes I am, I'm sorry.'

Spencer Matthews16 of 18
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Spencer Matthews

They met briefly in the jungle before Spencer was kicked out for a drug addiction, but Vicky had already caught feelings. "I only spent a couple of days with him, but we couldn't stop smiling at each other. Would I have done a bit with Spencer? Probably," she wrote in her autobiography. However, they DID in fact end up going on a date after he sent her "100 red roses", They reportedly didn't work out because Spence was too posh and didn't understand her accent (?!), but they remain close friends. Awh.

John Noble17 of 18
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John Noble

Vick and John rekindled their romance in 2016, with John proposing in 2017 and plans to marry earlier this year. However, the plans fell through after Vicky admitted neither of them were in the right place, and their relationship was destroyed following the string of cheating allegations that plagued John's lads holiday in Dubai this autumn.

Ercan Ramadan18 of 18

Ercan Ramadan

Just months after her engagement crashed and burned, Vicky went public with one-time TOWIE star Ercan Ramadan, who she met through mutual friends and spent the New Year with. The cute couple split briefly earlier this year over fears they were moving too fast, but have since reconciled and look happier than ever.

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Following pregnancy speculation after Ercan's loved-up photo on Instagram, Vicky spoke out about 'blazing rows' with her boyfriend during lockdown.

"After being sent various different articles by loads of my friends over the weekend I thought I’d just address it all on here!

"Myself and Ercan are not close to breaking up and we are not having blazing rows in isolation 😂😂😂," she wrote on Instagram.

She went on to add, "I am FINALLY happy with a lovely man! Who is kind, supportive, super patient and very, very understanding."

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