Vanessa Feltz announces the birth of her first grandson: ‘I want to breastfeed him!’

Vanessa Feltz has proudly announced that her daughter Allegra has given birth to a baby boy.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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This is 51-year-old Vanessa’s first grandchild, and she previously revealed her excitement over her 27-year-old daughter’s pregnancy.

'I can't breathe with excitement. I want to shout it from the rooftops’, the Strictly Come Dancing star screeched.

Vanessa with Allegra
Vanessa with Allegra

'I'm not mad and I know it's a funny thing to come out with, but I want to breastfeed the baby.'

When questioned on whether this is possible, it seems the BBC Radio 2 presenter had done her research, responding excitedly:

‘Apparently you can! I just think that I'm going to love this child so much that when it cries I'm going to get that sensation in my breasts and they may produce milk.'

Despite Vanessa’s rush of maternal pride, she concedes she must not become overbearing, writing in her column:

'I must remember that this is not my baby.

Vanessa's proud tweet today

'Though it will feel like flesh of my flesh and my urge will be to cuddle it as tightly as humanly possible and not let go, I must remind myself that I'm a generation removed.

'I will do my utmost to take my cue from the new mummy and daddy. I will offer advice only when asked but offer help, food for the parents and babysitting services in unlimited supplies.'

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