Ultimo boss Michelle Mone reveals split rage: ‘I trashed his Porsche, put laxatives in his drink’

Michelle Mone has spoken candidly about how the launch of her underwear company contributed to the break down of her marriage.


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And now, in her tell all book out this March, the Ultimo boss has described how she plotted her revenge on her cheating husband.

In a story that will no doubt tickle anyone who has even been cheated on, Michelle described how the beginning of the end happened in 2011, when she employed 31-year-old Samantha Bunn as head of design.

Michelle with Closer favourite Nicola McLean
Michelle with Closer favourite Nicola McLean

‘She was having big problems with her boyfriend so I felt sorry for her and said she could live in our guest annexe,’ Michelle explained.

‘I treated her like a family friend. Some nights I invited her over for dinner and we’d all sit around the kitchen table, chatting and laughing. But soon she started pushing the boundaries.’

The successful businesswoman explains how Samantha was always in her husband’s office, ‘flirting and flicking her long dark hair,’ and as the pair grew closer, her and husband Michael’s problems deepened.

Michelle says she is in a much happier place now

Despite accusing him several times of having an affair, Michael told her she was insane and needed sectioning.

But after the marriage broke down irrevocably one Christmas Day, Michelle set out to prove that she had been right all along.

Hiring a private detective, Michelle caught husband Michael and Samantha in the act - and had photographic evidence to prove it.

Samantha Bunn claims her relationship with Michael only began after his marriage broke down

Furious at the betrayal by the father of her children and employee turned friend, Michelle then describes the ‘banshee’ like rage she flew into, attacking Michael’s Porsche with a knife, and throwing all of Samantha’s possessions out into the garden.

She also rang Samantha off the hook until she picked up her phone, telling her she was fired. Samantha later tried to sue her for unfair dismissal, and Michelle was advised to pay her off.

But Michelle’s revenge wasn’t finished there.

After refusing to move out of the family home, Michael continued to romance Samantha. So one morning when Michelle knew they were attending a wedding, she put laxatives in his coffee.

She also apparently cut holes in his boxers, through cold water over his bed and threw away his favourite possessions.

*Extracted from My Fight To The Top by Michelle Mone, published by Blink on March 5 at £18.99. *

Can you identify with Michelle? Have you ever acted like this in the wake of a tough break up?

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