Is it all over for the UK’s favourite BFFs Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne?

Close pals Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne have reportedly fallen out following last month’s incident where Cara gatecrashed Rita's performance at a DKNY fashion party.


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Rita Ora, 22, is thought to be embarrassed about the joint performance in which Cara grabbed her microphone mid-performance and performed a rather sexy dance routine while on stage with the singer.

The pair, who were calling each other ‘wifey’ have been inseparable in recent months but have not been spotted together since that evening.

They both attended the Glastonbury music festival two weeks ago but partied separately all weekend.

Cara, 20, even failed to show up for Rita’s London gig at the Wireless Festival over the weekend and instead partied with Rihanna on a yacht - reported to be costing a whopping £300,000 - in Monte Carlo.

A source told a British newspaper: ‘There’s a lot of hurt on both sides but Rita’s been working towards her singing career and carefully crafting her image for four years and it was all in danger of being a joke after that shabby performance. Rita’s been advised to distance herself from the model.’

Cara Delevingne posted a pic with Rihanna on Instagram last month
Cara Delevingne posted a pic with Rihanna on Instagram last month

Even more tellingly, Rita has been referring to British designer Stella McCartney as her ‘new wife’.

Writing to her Twitter followers earlier this month: ‘Till next year Glastonbury! We had so much fun With my new Wife Stella McCartney in Stella McCartney of course! #uwishuwurhur #booooom.’

'Rita’s been advised to distance herself from the model.’

Speaking in an interview for a British Men’s magazine this month Rita revealed: ‘To me, I have my friends who I’ve known my whole life, and I can count them on one hand. They’re people I went to school with. Everyone else I meet from that point on, if they happen to become a friend, that’s incredible – come and join the family – but if not…’

Cara shared a snap of her new tattoo on Instagram on Sunday

Meanwhile, Cara took to Twitter on Sunday to share a snap of her new ‘Made in England’ tattoo situated on the sole of her foot.

This is the models third tattoo this year after she was introduced to New York based tattooist Bang Bang by her new BFF Rihanna back in May.

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