Trisha: “Exercise has helped me through the difficult times”


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In this week's Closer Magazine, Trisha Goddard opens up about getting through the hardest moments of her life and how running has kept her sane. Here's a preview...

She turns 60 in December, but with her radiant smile, smooth complexion and incredible figure, Trisha Goddard could easily pass for a woman much younger.

And when Closer asks her about approaching the next milestone, she screams and laughs, before gleefully confiding that she's often mistaken for her daughters' friend.

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"I've been in restaurants with my daughters and the waiter's thought I'm a pal of theirs," she giggles, adding that Billie, 27, and Madi, 23, are mortified. "But I work hard to be fit, and keeping young is a side effect."

When she fought stage three breast cancer nine years ago she donned her trainers daily, even running to radiotherapy appointments.

"It kept me sane," says Trisha, who's co-presenting on Big Brother's Bit on the Side.

"I've used fitness as a mental health tool for years, it's helped me survive difficult times. My daughters used to say I'd be like a monster with two horns, then I'd go out for a run, come back and be their lovely mummy again."

Pictured here in 2005 (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Next year will be 10 years since Trisha was diagnosed with cancer. She still takes medication and has regular check-ups, but doesn't live in fear that cancer will return.

"I'm doing the utmost I can to prevent it," she says. "If you do the things I'm doing, you feel you have more control. It might be an illusion, but I don't care, mentally it works.

"I get very cross when people tell me I'm lucky that I'm fit, or fortunate that I have a good outlook. I'm not lucky, it's a choice, and if you can afford a pair of trainers you can do it too. You make your luck."

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