Transgender star Chelsey Harwood lashes out at Twitter trolls: ‘Leave my boyfriend alone’

Chelsey Harwood, the stunning transsexual who made her name in This Is Liverpool and Hollyoaks, has slammed cruel trolls for attacking her boyfriend


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Chelsey Harwood, who was born a boy and had a full gender reassignment surgery on the NHS in April 2010, has had plenty of dealings with online trolls in the past.

But she was shocked when, after confirming to her Facebook followers that she is now in a happy relationship, her haters began attacking not just her, but her new boyfriend, too.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, she said: “I put that I was in a relationship and I’d usually blur the face of the lad I’m with.

“But I thought why should I have to cover their face with a smiley face just because I’m transgender? Why can’t I live my life the way I want to?"

So the cat is out the bag this is my fella □□ > >

Posted by [Chelsey Harwood]( on [Monday, 7 December 2015](

Unfortunately Chelsey, despite having a huge following of online supporters, soon found herself the victim of vicious internet trolls.

She explained: “As soon as I put the picture up, they were tagging my chap Donny like they knew him - cheeky.

"It's like hot gossip because I'm a transsexual. We got together about a month ago, but he's been trying to bag me for about two years!

“Who’s the one laughing now? I’m the one getting into bed with a fittie!”

Posted by [Chelsey Harwood]( on [Thursday, 3 December 2015](

Chelsey, who is known for her no-nonsense attitude and straight-talking approach, later had a very simple message for all those who claimed her relationship was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

She said firmly: “It’s nice to normalise something like this and to show that somebody who is transgender can be in a relationship and it isn’t strange.”


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Posted by [Chelsey Harwood]( on [Saturday, 5 December 2015](

It’s great to see that Chelsey is in a happy and comfortable relationship - particularly as, just last year, she exclusively told Closer Online that she wanted to find a loving boyfriend.

She said at the time: "I want a relationship, not just sex.

"I put a lot of stuff up online about wanting a cuddle buddy, and about wanting kisses and cuddles, because that's my favourite thing about dating - that togetherness and closeness."

He’s a lucky guy, Chelsey!

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