TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou’s EXCLUSIVE column: ‘Ferne knows I’m NOT a doormat!’

TOWIE's Georgia Kousoulou shares the latest TOWIE gossip and her views on a cast member's recent wedding news


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On TOWIE starting back…just one word DRAMA!

At the beginning of every series I say the same thing over & over – “I have no drama or agg at the moment so it should be a drama-free series”, and then one episode in and I'm sitting there watching it back with a pillow over my face!

As you have seen from a casual convo with a few of the girls (may I add I didn't go to them for advice) about a bicker Tommy and I had, where Ferne McCann voiced her harsh opinions (as always) on my relationship, which THEN created unnecessary drama. And her calling me a doormat? Rude!

Georgia stood up to Ferne on the most recent episode of TOWIE
Georgia stood up to Ferne on the most recent episode of TOWIE

This then left me defending my relationship to the whole nation. But on a positive note, she now knows by our row that I am no doormat. I mean I'm half Irish and half Greek, I can stick up for myself. So great week for me!


So Ricky and Marnie- there are rumours on them getting engaged. I hope this is true as I know they are madly in love and deffo well suited.

I don't know Marnie well, but have met her a couple of times and she's been lovely.

Marnie and Ricky are reportedly engaged

I went to school with Ricky so I’ve known him for years, and I’m really happy for them! I haven't seen them comment yet which makes me think it’s true.

Ricky actually tweeted me the other day giving me some show advice which was really nice of him. I wish them all the luck and love in the world.


We have all just booked a family holiday to Ibiza, which will be really nice.

Tommy is out there for a few days with his friends than meeting us for the last 6 days which will be amazing. We both are having separate holidays with friends than both meeting and doing a nice family one - perfect!

Georgia is inspired by boyfriend Tommy

Really excited about this holiday as there will be around 18 of us in total, so I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.

Tommy is always working hard. He’s so driven and ambitious, its really inspiring. He is in the middle of launching his trainer collection, named 'Mallet', which I am so excited about. He has put so much thought and time into every single design and has literally sat and sketched every single one.

It’s so exciting when I see him get an idea, sit and get in his zone, create a winner, which than turns into a prototype the week later - it’s so amazing! I am so proud of him and know they will be a success. I’ll let you know the launch date.


Since coming back from Marbs, I’ve been focusing on getting back into a good gym routine, going 3 or 4 times a week and mixing up cardio with weights and floor exercises.

Georgia doesn't cut out carbs

I work hard at the gym, which means I can afford to indulge in the odd summer BBQ. That’s one of the reasons I loved working on the bread campaign this year as it helped inspire other girls to step away from crazy restrictive diets and enjoy a balanced diet without worrying.

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