Torn Meghan Markle: ‘She must let her dad meet his grandkids before it’s too late’

As Meghan Markle’s estranged relatives offer olive branches, royal expert Katie Nicholl suggests she should consider reconnecting with them to help reinvent her image

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Her fractured family relationships have made headlines for years, but last week Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas and brother Thomas Jnr both hinted that they hoped for a reconciliation with the Duchess.

And despite Meghan telling Oprah Winfrey that she found her father’s betrayal “hard to reconcile” during her infamous interview earlier this year, royal expert and author of Harry And Meghan: Life, Loss, And Love Katie Nicholl says Meghan should consider making amends with her family – for her own public image as a humanitarian.

meghan markle and doria
Meghan with her mother Doria ©Getty Images

Katie says, “Because of Meghan’s work as a philanthropist, it doesn’t sit very well that she has no relationship with anyone in her family apart from her mother, Doria.

“We’ve seen her father reach out publicly in a bid to reconcile with his daughter and apologise on numerous occasions. Meghan does risk appearing unforgiving and uncaring of her father, who’s getting older and isn’t in great health. There are now two grandchildren Thomas Snr hasn’t met, which must be upsetting.”

However, Katie adds that, although she thinks it would be a good idea for Meghan – who shares Archie, two, and Lilibet, three months, with Prince Harry – to reconnect with family, she believes the focus at the moment will be on the Sussexes building bridges with the Windsors, suggesting a Christmas reconciliation is likely.

prince harry and the queen
The couple hope to meet with the Queen ©Getty Images

It came after Closer last week reported that Harry and Meghan were trying to salvage their relationship with the royal family, with Harry requesting to meet with the Queen during a visit to London.

Katie explains, “When Harry and Meghan left, they made it clear they didn’t want to give up their home in Britain. They still have Frogmore Cottage and their plan was to come back to the UK.

“Christmas is being looked at as an opportunity. There may be a softening, which could pave the way for a healing of the family rift.

“It’s certainly what the Queen wants. Prince Charles would like to see his grandchildren. A meet-up suggests they hope to move on and sort things out.”

prince harry and prince charles
Harry could heal the rift with Prince Charles ©Getty Images

And psychological therapist Emma Kenny agrees that burying the hatchet could be a good move for Meghan – but isn’t convinced she’ll do it.

Emma explains, “Meghan will be torn over what to do about her family. She feels betrayed and they’ve lost her trust, but she will still love them deeply and Thomas will always be her dad. He is elderly and not well, so for her own peace of mind, she must try to make peace and let him see his grandchildren before he dies. Once he’s gone, she may well feel huge regret.”

How the Markles are pleading for a truce

Brother Thomas Jr: ‘I hope Meghan gets in touch’

meghan markle brother
Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Jnr ©Getty Images

Not shy of speaking out about his sister, Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Jnr – who shares a dad with the Duchess – is currently starring in Australia’s Big Brother VIP.

In a recent trailer for the show, the 55 year old teases, “I’m famous for writing letters. I’m going to write a letter to Meghan.” He then reads, “Dear Meghan and Harry, the first thing I want to say to both of you…” before trailing off.

Thomas Jnr first wrote a letter to Prince Harry in 2018, pleading with him not to marry Meghan and adding, “She will ruin your life.”

However, fans believe the second letter will call for a truce after he retracted the statement of his first letter and described it as a “moment of madness” and said that he had been at a “breaking point” in his life.

He then called Meghan “one of the best things that happened to the royals” and added, “I am truly sorry.”

Dad Thomas Snr: ‘I want to stop the ‘games’ and see them’

meghan markle dad
meghan's dad thomas ©ITV

In a new interview last week, dad Thomas – who said he wants to make peace with his daughter and see his grandchildren – revealed he had snubbed legal offers to sue the Sussexes for not having access to Archie and Lilibet in a bid to stop the “games”.

Thomas said, “I would like to see [Meghan and Harry], maybe make up with the Queen and make up with his [Harry’s] father, and then we can make up.”

In August, he also sent Meghan a bouquet of red roses for her 40th birthday.

Relations between Meghan and her father have been strained since he collaborated with paparazzi in the lead-up to her wedding to Harry in 2018.

He then had a heart attack just days before the wedding, needing urgent surgery, and blasted his daughter for not reaching out to him.

After speaking out about her on several occasions, Meghan hit back in her Oprah interview in February, saying she has “lost” her father and that it’s “hard for [her] to reconcile” the pain he caused.

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Sister Samantha: ‘Our struggles can help us grow together’

meghan markle sister
meghan's half-sister samantha ©Itv

During an exclusive interview earlier this year, Meghan’s controversial half-sister Samantha made a huge U-turn, as she told Closer she hopes to make amends with Meghan.

She said, “I [have] reached out, communicated, I was honest. You can’t have closure and bond or problem solve and speak to each other’s hearts if you’re not speaking. So I did that, my father did that, we all reached out – she [Meghan] didn’t.”

Samantha, 55, even flew to the UK five months after the wedding in an attempt to reconcile with her sister, to no avail – but she says she still loves Meghan. “I love my sister. You’re taught to love your family,” she says.

“I love those memories [of us], they are so precious, but it has been a struggle. Maybe those struggles can help us grow together.”

Samantha has been a vocal critic of Meghan since she began dating Harry, even self-publishing autobiography The Diary Of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1 earlier this year.

She also labelled her “Duchess of nonsense” and accused Prince Harry of being a “wuss” for allowing his wife to “walk all over him”.

And, in an astonishing social media rant, Samantha previously said that Harry should have married his ex, Cressida Bonas, because “she is much more like Diana”.

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