Topless pictures of Harry Styles and Niall Horan send fans into frenzy

Despite the miserable weather conditions and the fact that the weekend is over, moods were briefly lifted after topless pictures of One Direction hotties Harry Styles ad Niall Horan were posted across social networks.


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The pictures were shared across Twitter, and One Direction fans shared their delight at seeing the famous boys put a little skin on show!

Niall topless
Niall topless

One fan, Luce, wrote 'Just burst into tears at the thought of harry styles painting my nails topless:))' while another, Professional Fangirl, wrote 'Dear One Direction, can you please stop being topless, instead just go fully naked. Simples!'

'Many of his tattoos can be seen, though not the large butterfly on his torso'

One Twitter user, Heater Louisee, wrote that she had been at the hotel when the boys chose to strip down. She wrote, 'Went to the hotel to meet The Script but ended up seein a topless Harry Styles, Louis and Liam and then Zayn!'

Harry Styles Topless

In the pictures, Harry, 19, appears to be mid sentence while someone takes the candid picture. Many of his body tattoos can be seen, though not the large butterfly on his torso which he recently added to the collection.

Bandmate Niall, 19, looks like he has been hitting the gym - showing off a toned physique as he walks around wearing only tracksuit pants as he talks to a group of women.

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