Tom Hardy reading bedtime stories on CBBC will make your ovaries ache

The perfect Valentine's Day gift...


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We feel SURE you know who Tom Hardy is.

But just in case you don't, he's a really quite beautiful and talented man.

He's played all sorts of sexy characters - from twin crime lords in Legend to super-baddie Bane in Batman, and arguably one of the broodiest literary hunks there is: Heathcliff.

Here's a picture of him looking VERY dishy indeed.

tom hardy
Tom Hardy is an actor, famous for his serious, gritty roles (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

So if you're familiar with his work, you may have stayed in to watch him reading bedtime stories to children on CBBC on New Year's Eve last year.

He tucked the nation's children up in bed reading You Must Bring a Hat by Simon Philip with his adorable dog Woody.

And yes, children all over the country absolutely adored it.

But so did many heterosexual women.

Tom Hardy reading bedtime stories last night on Valentine's Day CAN'T have been a coincidence (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

And last night, on the most romantic night of the year - Valentine's Day - we were treated to yet another bedtime story reading from Mr Hardy.

We feel sure it was no coincidence that Tom Hardy was reading us stories on VALENTINE'S day. It could have been any day of the year...

What do you mean it was actually for children?!

Tom brought along his dog once again for the story reading (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Reading The Cloudspotter by Tom McLaughlin again with trusty Woody in tow, he finished the story by saying to the viewers: "I've spotted that you're not in bed yet. Quick go on. Get yourself tucked up and I'll see you very soon for another bedtime story - until then, night night."

After this, a huge wave of innuendo-filled tweets rolled in.

We must say, the thought of Tom tucking us up in bed does get us rather excited...

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