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Whether you know him through his band McFly or super-cute family videos and Instagram posts, it's impossible not to love Tom Fletcher. If you're a fan, geek out on our ULTIMATE guide to Tom Fletcher ...

In recent years, Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna have won over the nation's hearts thanks to their gorgeous family and super-cute videos - such as this one they made to annouce Giovanna's second pregnancy{ =nofollow}.

But Tom is A LOT more than just a dedicated family man.

The founding member of McFly (one of THE most major '00s boybands), Tom started the band after losing out on a place in Busted. Amazingly, McFly went on to be arguably became more successful than their chart rivals - even beating The Beatles’ Guinness World Record for, “the youngest band to have a debut album go straight to number one”.

Away from McFly, Tom has written songs for the likes of One Direction (amazing, right!), penned books, and built an impressive fanbase of over 600,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel{ =nofollow}.

Not enough Tom Fletcher facts for you? Well here’s everything you need to know about him...

Tom Fletcher with McFly
Tom Fletcher onstage with McFly (Credit: Tom Fletcher/Instagram) ©Instagram / Tom Fletcher

What’s he known for?

It's a tricky question, because different people know Tom Fletcher for different reasons (the man has many strings to his bow!). Despite his many other achievements, Tom’s major success came when he formed McFly and they supported Busted on their 2004 tour. Even if you don’t know who he is, you’ll know his work - McFly's many chart hits include Five Colours in Her Hair, Sorry’s Not Good Enough, and All About You.

How old is Tom?

Despite the fact that he's achieved so much, Tom was born in 1985, which means he's only 31-years-old! And, FYI, his birthday is on the July 17.

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher
©Getty Images

Where is he from?

Tom is from Harrow in London.

Where did Tom go to school?

Tom was talented from a young age, and honed his performance skills at the Sylvia Young Theatre school alongside other big names like Matt Willis and Billie Piper, and where he would meet future wife Giovanna Falcone (the sister of TOWIE’s Mario!).

Tom with his McFly bandmates (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

How long have he and Giovanna been married?

Tom and Giovanna Falcone, now Fletcher, got married in 2012 with his McFly bandmates as groomsmen. He sang his wedding speech to the tune of McFly songs, too, because he’s nothing if not committed (check the video out below and try not to fall in head-over-heels in love with him!).

Does he have any siblings?

Tom has one younger sister, Carrie Hope Fletcher, who is also pretty successful - she’s written books, performed in plays, and has her own YouTube channel with over 600,000 subscribers where she posts vlogs and performances.

Tom Fletcher with his family
Tom Fletcher with his wife and two sons (Credit: Tom Fletcher/Instagram) ©Instagram / Tom Fletcher

Does he have any kids?

OF COURSE Tom Fletcher has kids, duh! He and Giovanna are parents to two gorgeous little boys; Buzz who was born in 2014, and Buddy in 2016. They announced her pregnancy with both via super cute YouTube videos which had millions of views.

Tom Fletcher wrote a book for children called The Christmasaurus (Credit: Tom Fletcher/Instagram) ©Instagram / Tom Fletcher

What’s Tom up to now?

In short: A LOT! Not only are McFly still going strong - despite a short hiatus, they had so much fun with supergroup McBusted that they decided to reform and are currently working on new material. Besides that, Tom is also keeping VERY busy raising his two children, keeping up with his YouTube channel where he vlogs regularly, and writing children’s books about dinosaurs both alone and with bandmate Dougie Poynter. He also appeared on The Cube in 2011 and became the third person to win £100,000. What a winner!

Does Tom know he has so many celebrity doppelgängers?

Basically YES! If you think Tom looks exactly like Tom Felton and Marcus Butler,among others, you're not alone! And don’t worry, Tom is totally in on the joke and regularly @s Felton about their shared face AND name!

Tom Fletcher with his family
Tom with his family (Credit: Tom Fletcher/Instagram) ©Instagram / Tom Fletcher

Any other fun facts?

Of course! Tom named the band McFly after Marty McFly, the main character in Back to the Future. How much do you love that?!

Er... is that Tom Fletcher that I saw on TOWIE?

Yep, you’re not going mad! Tom appeared in a 2012 episode of The Only Way is Essex to offer advice to his brother-in-law. What a guy!

Tom Fletcher onstage
Tom onstage with McFly (Credit: Tom Fletcher/Instagram) ©Instagram / Tom Fletcher

Is it true that Tom was an original member of Busted?

Ok, so here's the deal: Tom was originally in Busted alongside James Bourne, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis, but was kicked out when the label decided to make them a trio. Bad times! Despite claiming that he was in the band for “approximately 24 hours”, there’s no bad blood between them - Tom wrote a load of Busted’s songs and eventually joined forces with them to form McBusted. The relationship is symbiotic - Busted helped to launch McFly’s success when they invited them to open their tour in 2004.

Tom with supergroup McBusted (Credit: Getty Images) ©Instagram / Tom Fletcher

In fact, Tom Fletcher is a one-man music-making machine...

As well as writing his own hit songs and some of Busted’s, Tom has written tons of songs for other hit-makers. He is credited with writing for (and with) One Direction, The Vamps, and 5 Seconds of Summer. A load of boy bands have credited McFly with influencing their own work too, so you can basically thank Tom for their success.

How do I keep up with Tom?

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and vlogging on his YouTube channel{ =nofollow}.

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