Man VERY SURPRISED to find parcel delivered in TOILET

A bit of a poo situation

Toilet delivery story

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We all know that deliveries aren't usually worth their pricy postage and packaging fees and we all know a friend who's parcel was abandoned on their doorstep for the entire day. We also know a friend who waited in all day for a parcel, for it to never to show up.

(These stories will never put us off online shopping though.)

One of the best stories we have heard in the whole of 2017, however, was when the Royal Mail delivered a parcel to a young chap - and accidentally left it in a toilet.

Sam Cooke, 22 from Manchester told his hilarious story on Twitter and to be fair, the Royal Mail guys seemed very apologetic about the whole incident.

As no one was in at the time of delivery, the postie put the parcel through Sam's open window, unaware that there was a toilet underneath it. OH DEAR.

Toilet delivery story
(Credit - Twitter: SJCooke94)

The postman wrote on the red card, 'I'm really sorry, I think your parcel might have fallen in the toilet accidentally.'

Pistman delivered in toiler

The parcel contained printing ink, in case you were wondering.

The Royal Mail tweeted Sam their apologies, 'Hi Sam, I'm so sorry they've popped it through the window. We're following so please DM & we'll do what we can to help out & get this sorted.'

(Credit - Twitter: SJCooke94)

However Sam has tweeted that they have nothing to apologise for and to 'keep up the good work.' We are also excited to find out that the postie is going to visit Sam in light of the events.

(Credit - Twitter: SJCooke94)

Best story ever. Our hearts are warm. Bravo.

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