Tina Malone claims she ‘breezed through’ pregnancy saying ‘I’d do it all again tomorrow.’

Tina Malone has fought back at critics for saying she was too old to become a parent again, claiming that she ‘breezed through’ her pregnancy.


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The 50-year-old Shameless actress told the MailOnline: ‘I didn’t meet my ideal partner until I was 45. I'm not saying that every woman should go out and have a baby at 50 but because of financial implications, many women are having children later in life.’

The star gave birth to baby daughter Flame in December with 31-year-old husband Paul Chase by her side.

Tina, who has already has a grown up daughter, came under fire when she decided to undergo IVF treatment in a bid to conceive. The actress also lost weight in order to fulfil her dream of having another baby.

‘We said would give it three goes and on the first time, we got pregnant. I spent 12 months getting my body ready, so lucky us! It doesn’t always work that way.’

Tina with husband Paul after the birth of daughter Flame.
Tina with husband Paul after the birth of daughter Flame.

'Then… I breezed through the pregnancy and a 6lbs 7oz, absolutely beautiful little blondie arrived. She's just perfect. Just stunning.’

Tina claims that it having a child later in life is less to do with age and more to do with how fit and healthy you are.

In order to open peoples’ minds to having children at an older age, Tina has made a documentary charting her journey to become a parent.

Tina became pregnant after her first round of IVF.

She said: 'It's all to do with physicality, how you are… Doing the documentary has shown me how difficult having children can be for other women so our story is incredibly uplifting.'

She continued: ‘I think a lot of these scientists have a degree of the back of a cornflake packet!.. People read too much and become paranoid and insecure.’

'I’m older but I have an abundance of energy. Some of my family and friends were reticent because of the age and health implications but now they’re both ecstatic.’

The actress says she’s in a great place in life now she's in her 50s, and has no regrets about waiting to have a baby.

She said: 'It's all to do with mind over matter. I’ve wanted this baby and I’m in better place now at 50. Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially better now than I was in my twenties. I'd do it all again tomorrow.'

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