t.A.T.u singer responds to former band mate’s anti-gay comments

Lena Katina has responded to former band mate Yulia Volkova saying she would 'condemn' her son if he were gay.

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Yulia recently appeared on a Russian TV show and said she wouldn't agree with her son being gay 'because a man has no right to be a f*g'.

Despite this, Yulia admitted she would have no problem if her daughter was a lesbian, adding: "Two girls together – not the same thing as two men together.

"It seems to me that lesbians look aesthetically much nicer than two men holding their hands or kissing."

But Yulia's ex band mate Lena has issued a response, making it clear she does not agree with these comments.


Writing on Facebook, she said: "Hey, all! I am seeing some comments lately regarding my position about LGBT and my religion. I can say one thing: God is teaching us to live in love, to be tolerant and not to judge other people!

"And I do so! Love is love and it is a wonderful feeling! I think everybody should be free to love who they love and be with who they want to spend their life with! Xoxo"

t.A.Tu rose to fame in 1999 with their single All The Things She Said. Yulia and Lena can be seen kissing in a scene from the video.

Former bandmates Tatu

Shocked and disgusted yesterday fans took to Twitter to air their thoughts on Yulia's comments.

One user wrote: "Yulia Volkova was one of the main people who taught me how to accept myself and what she recently stated just makes me want to puke."

Another simply added: "WTF Yulia I thought you were cool."

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