Suzanne Shaw: ‘I want to run away and get married in Italy’

Suzanne Shaw has just become mum to baby Rafferty

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**After cancelling her wedding in September last year because she fell pregnant, Suzanne Shaw reveals she wants to run off to Italy to tie the knot.


Speaking to Closer, the former Hear’Say star – who gave birth to baby Rafferty in October 2015 - says: “When I fell pregnant the wedding got pushed back and forgotten about. We haven’t set a date in stone yet, but I really want to run off and do it in Italy – although Sam doesn’t know that yet!”

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The star has been engaged to businessman Sam Greenfield since June 2014, and admits he’s a natural parent.

Suzanne reveals: “Sam has taken to being a dad like a duck to water. He’s up for doing night feeds and changing nappies, which is a huge help now that I’ve stopped breastfeeding.

“He’s a real hands-on dad. Things between us are amazing, the baby has brought us so close and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

Of course, this isn’t Suzanne’s first baby – she is also mum to Corey, 11, from her ex Darren Day – but she admits she has a different approach to bringing up Rafferty ten years on from first becoming a mum.

“When I had Corey I was working pretty much full-time,” admits Suzanne. “That meant I had to fit being a mum round my busy schedule, he was obviously my priority but sometimes I’d have to feed him before a show or sometimes it was after filming. Nearly everyday was different.

“But with Rafferty I’m much more regimented. His dinner is at a certain time and so is his bed time, but that means he isn’t as adaptable as Corey. Rafferty definitely likes his schedule!”

And despite splitting more than a decade ago, Suzanne says she is still in touch with some of her old bandmates.

She adds: “I still speak to Noel Sullivan, we live round the corner from eachother too! I also see Myleene Klass sometimes, she looks amazing these days.

“We’d all love to meet up but everyone is so busy!”

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