Susanna Reid reveals how she is able to deal with Piers Morgan every day

Susanna Reid, Piers Morgan

by Emma Dodds |

Susanna Reid has revealed how she is able to put up with outspoken Piers Morgan as her co-host on Good Morning Britain every single day.

It's long been accepted that Susanna Reid has the patience of a saint.

Why, you ask?

Because she has to put up with having Piers Morgan in her ear all day, every day - that's why!

We're only joking of course, he's alright really - but even Susanna has admitted that working with Piers can be quite trying at times.

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Hepburn Pencil Dress in Seville, The Pretty Dress Company, £95.

Susanna Reid looked incredible on Monday. It may be autumn but the Good Morning Britain presenter is giving off summer vibes and we are totally here for it. The TV presenter rocked a beautiful mint floral midi dress and hot pink heels – which makes a gorgeous look for work or a garden party. This dress from The Pretty Dress Company shows off Susanna's lovely figure and although it looks like a summer dress the 3/4 length sleeves and the length of the dress is definitely suitable to this wet and windy weather.


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Speaking to Lorraine this morning, Susanna revealed that she has a tip to help her get through the day when Piers is being particularly controversial.

She said: "The chemistry somehow works. I’m not really quite sure why. But, I have a newfound respect for Piers' actual wife Celia Walden, because I have to play his TV wife three mornings a week.

"People say, 'How do you put up with him?' and I say, 'Think of Celia. Just think of Celia.' All hail the queen of tolerance and patience!"

Well, we can't deny - it's a good point!

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They then discussed the show's campaign 1 Million Minutes, which aims to combat loneliness in older people and, this year, single parents.

She joked that there should be another version which aims to silence Piers for one million minutes: "This morning he decided he was going to try and get me to present the programme in a bikini tomorrow – I’d just like to say categorically you will never see that happen."

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