Surgery addict Alicia Douvall to have lip treatment so she can smile at her baby

Former glamour model and reality TV star Alicia Douvall is to undergo a semi-permanent make-up treatment to even out her mouth, so that she can finally smile at her two-year-old daughter Papaya.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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The self-confessed surgery addict has had over 350 nips, tucks and implants since she was 17, with catastrophic consequences.

One side of her face is paralysed, and she is desperate to have her crooked smile evened out after having facial implants removed in May.

The mum-of-two has called on Semi-permanent make-up expert Debra Robson to help correct her smile.


Alicia, who has vowed she will never go under the knife again, will be having the ‘Barely There Blush’ lip treatment which claims to achieve a fuller lip without the ‘trout-pout’ look.

'I am the same as her [Katie Piper], it’s just that my attackers wore white gowns and I paid them to do it'

Industry expert Debra explained: “The lip treatment Alicia has chosen is subtle and has the effect of fillers without having to have invasive surgery- it’s a great alternative that will give her a beautiful smile and can be achieved in just 45 minutes”.

The 34-year-old is now so excited at new world of non-invasives, that she has even opted to have a Power Brow treatment. This treatment is said to create the look of a fuller brow, made famous by models such as Cara Delavingne.

Speaking to a UK newspaper last month, the mother-of-two admitted previously taking 17-year-old daughter Georgia out of a GCSE exam to babysit Papaya while she had surgery.

Alicia with her 2-year-old daughter Papaya

Speaking about her regrets over surgery, she compared herself to former model Katie Piper who had had acid thrown in her face, explaining:

“I am the same as her, it’s just that my attackers wore white gowns and I paid them to do it."

'If I’d never had surgery, I’d be far better looking than I am now'

She also voiced her disapproval at reality shows such as TOWIE, adding:

“Shows like The Only Way Is Essex promoting girls with big boobs and lips to kids disgusts me.

“Any teenager asking their parents for a boob job needs psychological help, not bigger breasts."

The reality TV star is looking forward to putting surgery behind her saying, “I can’t smile properly and I can’t breathe through my nose. If I’d never had surgery, I’d be far better looking than I am now”.

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