Steve Brookstein makes shocking HIV joke about Olly Murs’ X Factor slip-up

For someone who claims to hate The X Factor, Steve Brookstein spends a lot of time talking about it, doesn’t he?


by Jack White |
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When he’s not busy reminding people he was once a contestant or plugging his book (also about the X Factor, obviously), Steve can be found on Twitter making ‘jokes’ about show and generally causing outrage with his insensitive comments.

During last night’s results show, host Olly Murs made a slip-up when he told Monica Michael she was going home, when in fact the vote had gone to deadlock.

Clearly realising an opportunity to cause as much upset as possible, flop Steve tweeted: “Dr Murs, ‘Sorry you have HIV, actually no, sorry I’m wrong. You haven’t. My mistake. Hold on, yes, sorry you HIV. Sorry.’ #XFactor [sic].”

Users on social media were understandably disgusted by Steve’s comment, but that didn’t stop him from making a similar jibe about diabetes and then another about genital warts.

When one user slammed Steve for promoting the stigma surrounding HIV, he responded: “Here, have a bottle of ‘tough sh*t’. Take 2 teaspoons 3 times a day [sic].”

After receiving huge backlash for his posts, Steve then attempted to take the moral high ground by using the recent terror attacks in Paris.

He wrote: “After all that first world w_nky bullsh_t I had to deal with tonight I’m off to bed. Thoughts are with those suffering in France and Syria [sic].”

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