Stephen Belafonte previously convicted of assault, but ex says: ‘He’s a changed person now’

According to media reports, Stephen Belafonte was previously charged with battery and vandalism, after a bust-up with former girlfriend Nicole Contreras – the mother of Stephen’s 10-year-old daughter Giselle.


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The 39-year-old movie director appeared in court in 2003 after what reports described as a ‘drink-fuelled frenzy’ during which left Nicole with noticeable injuries.

Following the incident, police attended the scene and charged Stephen with battery and vandalism of Nicole’s mobile phone, after he was accused of ‘spitting in it’.

Later in court Stephen pleaded ‘no contest’ to battery, which the judge said was the same as pleading guilty.

Stephen and Mel got married in 2007
Stephen and Mel got married in 2007

The vandalism charge was dropped and Stephen received a suspended sentence and probation. He was also asked to complete a domestic violence programme.

Court papers revealed Stephen said at the time: “This happened crazily, one drunk, retarded night.”

However he later denied admitting to the battery, insisting he was ‘confused and stressed’.

At the time his tutor said: “He has shown a good understanding of ways to channel his anger.”

Speaking of the events in 2007, Nicole said: “Stephen and I were together for about five years. We share a daughter together.

“The past is the past. He’s a changed person now.”

Stephen was unavailable for comment.

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