Stephen Belafonte ‘leaves the country’ after claims he and Mel B have split

Stephen Belafonte has reportedly gone back to Los Angeles after claims that Mel B has left him.


by Jack White |
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Reports claim that the 39-year-old movie producer has left Mel, who was seriously ill last week, in London while he’s returned to their US home.

Following their fall-out Mel, 39, is believed to have gone into hiding. But, according to friends, she’s sticking to her guns.

A source told The Sun: “Mel is feeling strong about her decision at the moment, but it’s obviously a very difficult time.

Stephen has 'fled' to LA while Mel is reportedly in hiding in London
Stephen has 'fled' to LA while Mel is reportedly in hiding in London

“She was at her lowest point in a long time and it’s very telling that he wasn’t there for her.

“The fact that he left the country before she’d even gone back on X Factor is another sign of just how bad things have become between them.”

Although Mel and Stephen are said to have been through rough patches before, the insider claimed the final straw for Mel came when Stephen left the country while she was still in hospital.

Mel recently admitted that things are often fiery in their marriage. After arriving three hours late for a shoot with Grazia, she said: “I had sunglasses on because my eyes were hurting.

“I walked in p***** off because I had a big row with my husband about stupid stuff. Sometimes he manages to p*** me off like no other, but he gets me.”

She added: “I’m always happy and if I’m not, I fix it immediately.”

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