Stephen Belafonte breaks silence over Mel B: “I love my wife, I’d take a bullet for her”

Stephen Belafonte has finally hit back at rumours suggesting wife Mel B has walked out on him.


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Former Spice Girl Mel was hospitalised with a mystery illness last weekend, causing her to miss part of the X Factor final, leaving some fans questioning her absence.

Hitting back the allegations he hit his wife, causing her to leave him, Stephen said: "Who accused me of it, did she accuse me of it, the police, the hospital, who accused me of it?

"I thought when you beat someone up, the police or the hospital or the person you beat up says it."

Stephen insisted he never hit Mel, and would take a bullet for her
Stephen insisted he never hit Mel, and would take a bullet for her

Dismissing all the claims, Stephen told the Mail Online: "I had nothing to do with hurting my wife.

"I did not touch Mel. I didn't hit her. I wasn't cheating or anything. There was no girl involved."

Stephen also insisted he had "no idea" that he and Mel, 39, had allegedly split up, with Mel, 39, supposedly walking out on him.

He did however admit the couple had rowed, although didn't reveal the reason.

He claims there is a witch-hunt against him, trying to split him and Mel up

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "How long have you been married? How many arguments have you had? I find it really sad nobody would like for Mel, or us, to be happy."

Suggesting that Mel's wedding ring was absent during her X Factor return on Sunday because her hand was swollen from being in hospital, he added: "I love my wife. I'd take a bullet for her."

Claiming that there’s a ‘witch-hunt’ against him, wanting to break him and Mel up, Stephen said: “Mel’s never said anything.

“This is because there is a witch-hunt and a feeding frenzy against me.”

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