Stephanie Davis confuses fans with mysterious syringe tweet

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Stephanie Davis has totally baffled her fans with her latest tweet, which features the word "New", followed by a syringe emoji followed by the words "booked in, happy girl!"

What could Steph be referring to? Some fans assume she's getting a new tattoo, given that she already has numerous tats, including a flower design under her boobs and another on her waist.

Stephanie Davis tweet
The tweet that confused fans (Twitter/Stephanie Davis) ©Twitter/Stephanie Davis

"Are you having a new tattoo steph?", one user tweeted.

Other users speculated about what this hypothetical tattoo might look like.

One asked whether the tattoo might be dedicated to Steph's baby son Caben-Albi: "If she is having a tattoo it would be lovely if she had Caben’s name."

Stephanie Davis tattoos underwear
Stephanie Davis flaunts her existing tattoos in underwear snap (Instagram/Stephanie Davis) ©Instagram/Stephanie Davis

Will this be the 'symbol of strength' tattoo that Steph previously said she would get to mark Caben-Albi's birth?

In her OK! blog last September, she wrote: "I've also already planned to get a tattoo for him.

Stephanie Davis Caben-Albi
Could Stephanie be getting a tattoo for baby Caben-Albi, pictured here? (Instagram/Stephanie Davis) ©Instagram/Stephanie Davis

“It will either be his name or a symbol of strength somewhere. But that will be my last tattoo.”

Other fans weren't so sure Steph would be getting a tattoo, speculating the syringe might refer to getting Botox.

One person wrote: "I hope it's a tattoo for Caben too, please no more botox. You are beautiful as you are @Stephdavis77 ! x"

Stephanie Davis tweet
Stephanie has previously posted about her lip fillers on Instagram (Instagram/Stephanie Davis) ©Twitter/Stephanie Davis

It is true that the former Hollyoaks actress is no stranger to publicising cosmetic enhancements on social media.

In April last year, she posted a photo of her lips on Instagram, captioned: "Wooo @aestheticallyyou for my lush lips forever the best!"

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