Stephanie Davis on Hollyoaks exit: ‘It was my choice to leave!’

Hollyoaks fans were left shocked last month when it was revealed Stephanie Davis’ contract had been terminated with immediate effect.


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Reports began circulating suggesting that the 22-year-old actress had been axed after turning up to film drunk.

But Stephanie has finally revealed the real reason behind her surprise exit – she walked away from the Channel 4 soap.

Speaking to ZOO magazine, she said: “It was ultimately my choice to leave! I just walked out and the producers told me if I didn’t come back they’d have no option but to terminate my contract, but that was my choice.

Courtesy of ZOO magazine
Courtesy of ZOO magazine

“I regret the way it ended – I probably should’ve gone about it in a better way, but I was desperate for a break.”

Following the news that Stephanie would not be retuning to work on Hollyoaks, her spokesperson released a statement which read: “[Her] contract was terminated following warnings for lateness, attendance and after a final incident in which she turned up to set unfit to work because of alcohol consumption.”

But, according to Stephanie, that’s not what happened. She continued: “I’ve always had fun and when I started the show I did like to party, but I’m just like any normal 22-year-old and I’m sure everyone is the same as they’re growing up – everybody has to be 18 and a little crazy at some point.

“The drunken thing was there for people to believe if they wanted to but I know people in the industry know me for what I really am.”

ZOO magazine – out now

And it seems Stephanie’s planning to take her career in a completely different direction now.

She said: “My passion has always been music, so I’ve been working with a few record labels and hopefully I’ll be in the studio soon and then I can look at releasing some tracks in the new year.

“I’ve written some really good music and the only other person I know to make the jump from soaps is Kylie Minogue – so let’s try to do that!”

The full interview appears in this week’s ZOO, on sale now.

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