Queen Stacey Solomon rallies the internet with reminder that everyone is human and people on TV wear make-up


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Stacey Solomon has shared a selfie of how she really looked before she had her hair and make-up done for Loose Women yesterday.

Like we always say, we KNOW that celebrities and people in the public eye don't actually have the perfect lives that we all think they do.

But isn't it so refreshing when a celeb gets real and shows what life is REALLY like?

One celeb we can always count on to share some home truths is Stacey Solomon, whose brave honesty about what life is really like as a celebrity always makes us fall in love with her all over again.

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Remember the hilarious video she posted in a bikini whilst on holiday?

And her newest post is no exception.

Posting a before and after photo on Instagram and Facebook, Stacey wrote: "This is how I turned up for work (left) and how I went home (right).

"Black eye, period skin, and just washed, haystack hair... Turned into no black eye flawless skin and soft wavy curled hair.

"I thought I'd put this up just to give anyone who wants to know a bit of reality about the difference that hair and make-up makes not to mention lighting and filters etc. So the next time you look at somebody in a magazine or on tv or just in you social news feeds and think, 'God I wish I looked like that', just think of me and what I really look like underneath all of the sorcery!"

Stacey bravely posted this photo of herself online (Credit:Instagram/ Stacey Solomon) ©Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

She ended the post with the hashtag #Everybody'sHussling.

WE ARE STACEY. We really are.

The photo has now received over 42,000 likes on Instagram, over 247,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 24,000 shares.

Fans on Facebook rushed to the comments section to praise her for her realness and honesty.

One wrote: "I love what you're trying to do for young girls out there. Mum of two teenage girls.. So I really appreciate your honesty. Thank you!" whilst another commented: "This is great that you've done this. No one is perfect but what we see and hear in the magazine's etc makes us believe that some people are. It's a shame there aren't more celebs as honest as you."

One mum revealed that it had inspired an important conversation with her young daughter: "Thank you for sharing, just showed my nine-year-old daughter and we had a whole conversation about it all and camera filters etc. She is really shocked but now understands not to aspire to be just like a picture in a magazine."

A secondary school teacher added that it was important for her pupils: "I just did a body image lesson with my year 8 tutor group, wish I had this to show them! They need to realise the flawless people they see in the media don't wake up looking like that!"

We love you Stacey. Keep doing you.

Have you been inspired by Stacey's honesty? Do you watch her on Loose Women? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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