Insecure Stacey Solomon: ‘I’m feeling under pressure’

Insiders say Stacey has been shocked over cosmetic procedure offers she’s had flooding in

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A huge part of Stacey Solomon’s appeal for her 5.8million Instagram followers is her down-to-earth nature and honesty, especially when it comes to her beauty product reviews. Last week, while testing a viral lip plumping serum, the star gave a scathing review of the product, saying, “If you really want your lips to look bigger than they are, just draw them on.”

But as a result of her recent transition into a beauty influencer, Stacey, 34, has apparently been inundated with offers from cosmetic procedure companies for fillers and Botox. And while she’s always tried to stay natural and remind herself that she’s great the way she is, the sheer quantity of offers has left her feeling stressed.

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Insiders tell Closer, “Stacey’s been flabbergasted with the amount of offers that she gets to go under the knife and have tweaks. She thinks it’s really unhealthy for her mindset. She’s had insecurities over the years, but she’s learnt to love her natural features. The last thing she needs is someone telling her she needs work done, but the reality is that in her world that does happen.

“TV presenters are under so much pressure to stay looking young and she obviously works alongside a lot of famous stars who have been open about getting Botox, fillers or more extreme things done. But for Stacey personally, it doesn’t fit her brand or beliefs.”

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Last summer, just four months after welcoming her fifth child, Belle, Stacey – who is also mum to Zachary, 15, Leighton, 12, Rex, four, and Rose, two – shared a fun snap of her rocking a bikini as she relaxed with her three youngest by her pool. Her followers flooded the comments with praise for the Loose Women star, with one writing, “I love how open about your body you are. A REAL image, from a REAL person. It’s so refreshing!”

Stacey’s openness with her fans also extends to her thoughts on cosmetic “tweakments”, and during a recent Instagram Q&A she revealed that she’d tried Botox briefly in the past, admitting, “I did try it once and it doesn't suit me at ALL. My face moves SOOO much when I talk so
I can’t get away with Botox, it makes me look so frozen.”

The source explains, “Stacey wants to be authentic and that includes her appearance, so she’s going to keep trying to fight off the pressure to have anything done. She’s always done her best to try to tune out all of that noise.

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“Stacey wants to be a good role model, not only for her daughters, but also for her followers. She hates that there’s this pressure now to get things done when you’re still in your thirties, and is really dismayed when she sees even younger stars having procedures done. It makes her worry that one day she might cave into the pressure, but she hopes that she stays natural and healthy 
as she gets older.”

Luckily, her husband of a year and a half, Joe Swash, loves Stacey’s natural beauty. In fact, Stacey recently revealed that her Christmas present from him last year was a bright red bikini, joking, “He’s spent his day enjoying his present to me” when she decided to wear it during their January getaway.

“Joe is really supportive of her being natural and has said that he hopes she never gets anything done, which is comforting for Stacey,” the source says. “She also doesn’t want to judge any of her TV peers who do get work done.”

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