Stacey Solomon rushes son Rex back to hospital after scary fall

Poor Rex 😢


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Pregnant Stacey Solomon has revealed that she has had to take two-year-old son Rex back to hospital following an operation on his lip earlier in the week.

The Loose Women panellist took to Instagram to explain that she had taken him back to hospital as he had a temperature following the surgery. They originally had to return to hospital for stitches later after the butterfly stitches he was initially given would not hold.

Rex was seen to be doing really well following his surgery, with Stacey sharing snaps of him riding around the garden on his bike and enjoying family days out.

However, things took a turn when his temperature rose and Stacey made the decision to take him back to be seen by a doctor. Posting a picture of herself from a hospital bed, face mask as well as only one eyelash, Stacey explained, "Aw guys we are back in triage because Rex's temperature has been spiking tonight.

"They're sure it's all ok but because he's little and post-op they won't take any risks, so it looks like we are in for the long haul tonight.

"It's been the longest, most emotional week. I honestly don't know how I've even got one eyelash still on."

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stacey solomon rex

After spending the night in hospital, Stacey updated her followers about Rex’s progress on Friday morning.

"Good morning, we ended up back where we left on Tuesday. Everything is ok and stable…thank you so much for asking."

Stacey previously revealed that Rex had a "nightmare" accident whilst enjoying the sun with his family.

stacey solomon joe swash pregnant

Remaining calm, organised Stacey even shared everything she would pack for herand Rex to have a pleasant stay in hospital with fans.

She also admitted that although she stayed calm throughout the situation, her fiancé, Joe Swash, was "all over the place".

She added, "He had to leave the room and he was crying. Bless your soul. I'll be looking after Joe today more than Rex - I love you."

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Stacey and Joe recently announced that they're having another baby.

Stacey, 31, announced the incredible news on Instagram by sharing a photo of herself, Joe and her children and the baby scan.

"We are growing another pickle 👶🏻 We’ve never felt so grateful... I have no words," she began.

"We didn’t think we would get the chance. We love you all to the moon and back. Lots of love From Me, Joe, Harry, Zach, Leighton, Rex, and our little pickle 🥺".

On her Instagram Story, Stacey added, "I feel so nervous for so many reasons...

"For a really long time we've been trying for another pickle... It didn't work out and this was our news quite a few times...".

She then shared a clip of a negative pregnancy test and the news that she suffered a miscarriage.

We can't wait to follow their journey to meet the fourth pickle...

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