Spend Christmas with the stars with this week’s double festive edition of Closer

In this week’s Closer – out today! – we’ve got the best celebrity stories and interviews, including:

678 XMAS

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Insiders say Jordan’s perfect Christmas involves a truce with her ex-husband Peter Andre.

After reports surface that her marriage is in crisis, Cheryl says: “My heartache has only made me stronger.”

Emma Bunton and Mel C chat to Closer about how Christmas is all about the kids now.

Plus we’ve got real-life stories to make your jaw drop! Here’s what to expect this week:

We talk to the transgender 20-year-old, who reveals: “I've got the best Xmas present ever – a willy!”

Mum of six Kim Farry made a living out of her stealing sprees – now she’s stopped stealing, she says there will be no presents this year.

We chat to the devoted pet owner, who says she brought Christmas forward for her dying dog.

Plus read our report on why women are drinking more than ever?

*What’s more, we’ve also got the best fashion, beauty, diets and lifestyle – plus our fabulous 14-day TV guide to help you work out what to watch over the Christmas period!

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