Soapstar Corey Sligh left ‘paralysed’ after being run over and beaten by two men

Two men have been charged following the violent attack, which left the actor 'faced with the problem of relearning to walk'


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Corey Sligh was walking into a pharmacy with his girlfriend Alisa Berhorst and a friend when they encountered two men — one erratically driving through the carpark, one outside filming it.

"The next thing I know, I’m up on the hood of the car, flipping off of the side"

Speaking with The Wrap, Corey explained: “Alisa and I went outside and the car finally stopped so the guy with the camera could get in.

“At first they seemed okay to talk to, so I said ‘Hey man, you’re scaring the girls and they called the cops. Just get out of here — go.’”

But his message was met with violence.


The Young And The Restless star revealed to The Wrap that one of the men “looked me dead in the eye and kicked open his door as hard as he could into my chest.

“Then I said, ‘Look, I don’t have any problems, man.’ And I walked away, off to the left of his car.

"That’s when I heard tires squealing behind me.”

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

“[I turned around and] The car was three feet away and coming at full speed… the next thing I know, I’m up on the hood of the car, flipping off of the side.

“I thought it was over.”

The pair then beat up the actor and model, who was hospitalised until Sunday morning, and have since been arrested and charged with battery.


While the investigation continues, Sligh and his girlfriend are grateful to be alive and well after the actor's near-death experience.

He said: "People can be cruel, but I'm not going to worry about it. I'm just trying to get back to normal. Just trying to get back to acting.

Corey added, somewhate surprisingly, that he feels no 'hatred' towards his attackers, saying: "I have no hatred for these guys.

"I'm happy to have the problem of relearning to walk instead of not being able to walk at all. I'm pretty blessed."

What an amazingly positive attitude - we wish Corey Sligh a very speedy recovery.

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