Six versions of David Beckham star in swoon-worthy minute long advert

David Beckham realised the fantasies of thousands of women today, when he shared his new advertising campaign in which he appears as six different versions of himself!


by Maggie Hitchins |
Published on

The advertisement follows the footballer from the moment he wakes up in a stylish home and heads into the kitchen in a white vest top, pausing to reflect on the mess-strewn kitchen before heading to make a coffee. Then appears a second Beckham, dressed in his sports kit and heading out of the house. A third appears suddenly, in a fitted jumper as he checks out the sport news and sips on an espresso.

A total of six seperate versions of the famous footballer star in the ad, following Becks throughout his day as he later hits up a pie and mash shop and goes on to appear in a sharp suit at a photoshoot. Finally the six Beckhams all congregate in a lounge to enjoy a game of football on the TV.

Watch the video below, a whole minute of Becks loveliness which cleverly guarantees we won't be skipping the ad breaks to make a cup of tea any time soon!

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