EXCLUSIVE: Shaughna Phillips reveals she met Callum Jones BEFORE Love Island started

Umm...isn't that against the rules, hun?

Shaughna and Callum Love Island

by Ben Pulsford |

Winter Love Island legend Shaughna Phillips has exclusively revealed to Closer that she broke a major Love Island production rule prior to entering the villa – and got away with it. Congrats, hun.

In the latest edition of Love Island Secrets, starring Shaughna plus Jack Fincham, she revealed that she actually ran into fellow Islander Callum Jones while on lockdown in South Africa (in a luxury South African hotel, so don't feel bad for them whatsoever) in the week leading up to the series airing – and the pair coupling up.

She said, "I actually bumped into Callum on my one week lockdown. [prior to the start of Winter Love Island]."

Shaughna added that she already knew Callum was going on the show upon bumping into him.

She added, "We was in South Africa [and] we went to the gym, queuing up to get our little day pass [and] he was there with his chaperone. And he's like 6ft and his chaperone was like a small little boy and I said to my chaperone, 'There is no way these two are friends' and he looked English - he looked like a Brit abroad. And I was like, 'he is definitely on Love Island'."

Okay, so not strictly Shaughna's fault, but Love Island rules are pretty clear; Islanders must not meet or even be in the same room as one another, prior to entering the villa.

Who knows, this could've been the lightning bolt moment that set the wheels in motion for the couple's blossoming, then suddenly doomed, romance.

Shaughna and Callum coupled up on day one of Winter Love Island. Flash forward a couple of weeks and Callum left Shaughna for Casa Amor bombshell, Molly Smith on Day 26. The couple are actually still together today.

But back to Shaughna, because that's where our heart lies.

We're seriously considering inviting her to all future recordings of Love Island Secrets. In fact we might just talk to HR and get her a desk at HQ.

We can see the congratulatory email already - "Dear Shaughna. Congrats, hun".

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