Sharon Osbourne claims British people have ‘fugly’ teeth due to lack of dentists

Sharon Osbourne has ruffled a few feathers with her latest claim


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Sharon Osbourne is never one to shy away from sharing her opinions, and her latest target fell a little closer to him when she blasted British people for their dental hygiene.

Speaking on US chat show The Talk, the 62-year-old’s dental implant dramatically fell from her mouth leading her to get onto the topic of the Brits’ nashers.

She said: “Being English there is only one dentist in England and nobody can find the f***er, so everybody from England has fugly teeth.”

But things don’t appear much better in the US, as Sharon explained.

Sharon's tooth fell out on TV
Sharon's tooth fell out on TV

“I thought listen I am in my 60s and I want the Hollywood smile.

"So I spent a fortune on this guy in Beverly Hills had all these different teeth done and it comes to one tooth and he goes I think this tooth is rotten and I say take the f***er out. Get rid of it.

“So he says well we have to do an implant and I am like fabulous. So he does an implant. And I am sat there two weeks later on the show and I can feel grit in my mouth, and I thought what I had I eaten. And then I realised it was big bits of grit and then the tooth is waggling, and I am like ‘oh my Lord - right on air.”

Do you agree with Sharon? Do we all have bad teeth?? Let us know in the comments box below.

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