Sex tapes, arrests, teen pregnancy: What you didn’t know about CBB’s Farrah Abraham

After her explosive entrance into the Celebrity Big Brother house, we take a look at American reality star Farrah Abraham - who’s had quite the colourful past!


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1.) Farrah, who was born on May 31, 1991, started life in Omaha, Nebraska - a midwest state famous for farming, Kool-Aid and the great plains.

2.) A good student, cheerleader and prospective college goer, Farrah shocked family and friends when she fell pregnant unexpectedly in 2008 - with boyfriend Derek Underwood.

Farrah as a 16 year old

3.) Because of this Farrah was cast on MTV reality series 16 and Pregnant, by which time she was living in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She was denied an abortion by her mother, who said it was against her beliefs, and went through with the pregnancy.

4.) Tragically, eight months into her pregnancy Farrah’s boyfriend Derek, who she had become estranged from, was killed in a car accident - devastating her. She later said that ‘Derek was gone forever, and so was my happy ending.’

With her fellow Teen Moms

5.) In 2009 she welcomed her baby Sophia Laurent Abraham and was cast in spin off show - Teen Mom, which followed several of the young girls as they struggled to raise their kids, complete school/college and pay their way.

6.) By 2010, things had turned nasty between Farrah and her mother, Debra Danielson, with the mum being arrested for allegedly assaulting Farrah, causing cuts around her mouth. She was charged with assault, and Abraham spoke out to say it was time to ‘stop the abuse.’

7.) That same year, Farrah’s parents divorced, with Farrah admitting that they had abused her as a child, giving her ‘cuts, bruises, swelling and scars.’

8.) The Teen Mom tried her hand at many different career paths - including getting an associate degree in culinary arts (launching Mom & Me pasta sauce in the process), and releasing her own studio album ‘My Teenage Dream Ended.’

Farrah starred in two pornos including 'Backdoor mom'

9.) The most random career choice however was when Farrah decided to enlist the help of famous porn star James Deen to make her own sex tape. Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom was apparently sold for $1.5 million.

10.) Farrah has admitted undergoing breast augmentation surgery twice - taking her upto a D cup by her second surgery. She also had lip fillers put in earlier in 2015, but they went terribly wrong - leaving her with a duck bill effect.

Farrah had a disaster with lip injections - which caused this attractive duck bill effect

11.) Farrah has had her fair share of troubles too, with the star being charged with a DUI in 2013, and admitting that after her porn tape she was ‘drugged and raped more than once’ while appearing at adult film conventions and strip clubs.

12.) She also released a second sex tape Farrah 2: Backdoor and More in February 2014.

Farrah and daughter Sophia, plus her mother Debra

13.) Farrah went onto appear in three more reality shows, including Couples Therapy, Being Farrah and Teen Mom OG, before announcing in April 2015 that she would be appearing on the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother.

14.) Representing the USA, Farrah entered the CBB house on 27 August 2015 - and was immediately unpopular with Natasha Hamilton, who accused her of being a sore loser during the opening games. After being disinvited from the opening night party, Farrah threatened to spit and hit her housemates.

How will Farrah fare in the CBB house?

15.) During her time in the house, Farrah has enjoyed an 'are they?/aren't they?' romance with James Hill, and argued with just about every one. In one particularly explosive row, the US star threatened to KILL her her fellow celebrities after clashing with Natasha Hamilton. She fumed: “I’m going to obliterate the scum of this house!”

Farrah clashed with Natasha
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