Second threatening ‘Dan Osborne audio clip’ leaks: ‘It won’t be funny when you’re in hospital’

Another clip allegedly featuring Dan Osborne threatening his ex girlfriend Megan Tomlin has surfaced. 


by Jack White |
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During the audio, obtained by The Sun, the man believed to be 23-year-old Dan can be heard asking why Megan, 22, has moved on from their relationship.

When Megan, who is the mother of Dan’s son Teddy, points out that he has moved on with EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa, he sneers that they’re not really together.

He later adds that getting Jacqueline pregnant was a mistake, saying: “Anyone can make a mistake.”

Megan is mum to Dan's son Teddy

While Megan continues tell Dan he has no right telling her she can’t move on, he says: “It won’t be funny when you’re in hospital.”

According to The Sun, a concerned friend of Megan’s handed them the tape, which allegedly hears Dan threatening to get violent with Megan.

He says: “I swear on this boy’s [Teddy] life I will end your f****** life if you sh_g another man. Never in your f_***** life are you going to be with another man. I can swear on my son’s life.”

Shockingly Megan can then be heard begging Dan not to hit her.

He and Jacqueline welcomed baby girl Ella last month

She says: “Ow, get off me! Don’t start hitting me or I’ll start going mad. Get out of this house now! You’re horrible.”

While Dan and Megan argue, a baby, believed to be Teddy, can be heard in the background crying.

Dan and Jacqueline welcomed baby girl Ella Selina in February and Megan recently told the Mirror that she is not trying to ruin their relationship, insisting she didn’t leak the clips.

Megan said: “I’m not not jealous and trying to split them up. I was the one who ended the relationship! I was happy telling him to go off and do what he’s got to do.”

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