Scarlett Moffatt has been planning her dream Willy Wonka wedding!

A world of pure imagination?

Scarlett Moffatt

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Scarlett Moffatt says Willy Wonka is the perfect inspiration for her dream wedding date.

An Everlasting Gobstopper or a bar of Wonka Chocolate would probably be a welcome treat after all those gross Bush Tucker Trials, to be fair.

The queen of I'm A Celeb – expected to make over £1 million after her jungle triumph – has also revealed how she might spend some of her newfound wealth.

Scar, 26, also says she has found her perfect match in boyfriend of 10 months, Luke Crodden.

"I love Luke so much. He's into aliens so he's my cup of tea," she told The Mirror.

Scarlett Moffatt

"I have been planning my wedding since I was young. I think Jordan's marriage to Peter Andre was amazing. I loved it," she said – impressed by Katie Price's (who met first husband Peter in the I'm A Celeb camp back in 2004) extravagant nuptials that saw her arrive in a Cinderella style horse-drawn carriage.

"I want mine to be like that. I want a glass carriage. I'd also like a Willy Wonka theme with centrepieces as sweets and munchkins as waiters," Scarlett said.

Scarlett – who first appeared on TV in MTV's Beauty School Cop Outs in 2013 before watching TV on Gogglebox – is tipped to make millions after winning the jungle show.

Scarlett Moffatt
Scarlett Moffatt ©ITV

And she says she wants to spend some of her expected wealth on adjusting her body after being made to feel insecure about how she looks after becoming more recognisable thanks to her TV career.

"Unfortunately we live in a very appearance-oriented society and being on telly has made me more conscious of how I look," she said.

"I'd like to have my breasts lifted at some point. I've got big boobs and they're already starting to clean my shoes so I really do think I'd do it," she joked.

Scarlett Moffatt on Gogglebox
Scarlett Moffatt on Gogglebox ©Channel 4

Earlier this year, Scarlett wowed fans after she dropped from a size 16 to a size 10 after introducing a tough workout routine.

The star is sharing what she learned by making changes to her body by releasing a new fitness DVD called Scarlett's Superslim Me Plan – expected to be released on Boxing Day.

We don't think she'll have any problems when it comes to the wedding diet, then!

Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett has also hit back at claims that she is a bully after some viewers felt she was a little harsh with fellow I'm A Celeb contestant Martin Roberts.

"I find that bizarre. I was bullied. Me and Martin had a lot of conversations about our past," she says – refuting the suggestion she is mean.

Scarlett Moffatt

"We had very similar school experiences, which is how I sort of ended up bonding with him. I was like, 'Oh my God you're exactly like me'. I've never been called a bully in my life. That honestly breaks my heart because I've been through it," she told The Sun.

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