Sarah Harding ‘planning US film career’

Apparently planning the launch of her solo music career isn’t enough for Sarah Harding, now she’s got her eye on a Hollywood acting career.


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Former Girls Aloud star Sarah, 32, has had starring roles in British dramas and film St. Trinians, but says she wants to try something a little different.

She told a UK website: “I’d love to do a massive feature film, an American production, something a little different.

“I’ve supported British, I’ve done BBC drama and St. Trinians, but I’d like to see what it’s like working on the other side of the pond for experience. I’d love to do a Tarantino film.”

Maybe Sarah is planning on using new pal Tom Cruise to get a head start in Hollywood. She recently bumped into the actor and excitedly posted a snap of the pair on Twitter.

Right now though, Sarah is concentrating on being the latest member of Girls Aloud to attempt a solo career.

She said: “There will be a minority, or a majority, probably, waiting for me to fail, you do feel like you’ve got a lot to prove [but] I always want to prove it to myself first.”

Meanwhile, Sarah’s former band mate Cheryl Cole is getting ready to re launch her own music career with the release of her fourth album.

Sarah's band mate Cheryl is also working on new solo music
Sarah's band mate Cheryl is also working on new solo music

The newly reinstated X Factor judge will perform her first single from the new album during the Britain’s Got Talent final, it has been reported.

A source told a UK newspaper: “Simon has offered her a very tempting spot on the show and it would also be a massive draw for the series to land her first live performance in a couple of years.”

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