Is Sam Reece the real cheat? Barmaid claims they had ‘steamy night together’

A young woman has come forward claiming that Sam cheated on Stephanie with her last summer

Sam Reece and Stephanie Davies

by Hayley Kadrou |
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After Stephanie Davies has got herself a bit of a bad reputation due to her flirty behavior in the Celebrity Big Brother house, one woman has come forward claiming that it’s the actress’ boyfriend, Sam Reece that is the real cheat in that relationship.

Georgia Thomson, a 20-year-old barmaid, told the Mirror that she had sex with the model while holidaying in Maguluf in the summer of 2015 – months after Sam began his relationship with the former Hollyoaks star.

Georgia claims that her and Sam met while she was working out in the resort in Majorca, and they ended up spending the night together.

Allegedly, her and her friends met Sam on July 14th 2015 in a bar on the Spanish Island, as she stood by the VIP area in which he was sat with his mates, and they soon invited the girls into their booth.

The Hollyoaks star cries over Sam in the CBB house 
The Hollyoaks star cries over Sam in the CBB house 

She told how:

“When he asked if I had a boyfriend, and I said no, I said: ‘Why are you asking? I thought you had a girlfriend?’ “He said ‘no, not tonight’."

She claimed they played about all evening, buying matching bracelets and walking along the beach, but didn’t kiss until back at her apartment, where he allegedly made a move on her.

“It wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be,” he told the Mirror.

And the next day, he is said to have told her:

“‘Please don’t tweet about it because obviously you know I’ve got a girlfriend’”

Georgia told The Mirror:

"He’s not as innocent as everyone thinks,” saying she felt the need to speak out as Sam continued to play the victim in the fiasco.

Regarding all Georgia’s claims, a spokesperson for Sam said: "Sam denies the allegations."

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