Sam Faiers slammed on Instagram over THIS photo of baby Paul: Click to see

The former TOWIE star came under fire after sharing this photo of her baby son - but why?

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Sam Faiers has taken to motherhood like a duck to water.

Clearly relishing in her new role as a proud mummy, the former TOWIE star has been sharing plenty of adorable snaps of her little boy with her fans on social media.

However her latest snapshot of baby Paul has sparked a fierce debate amongst her Instagram followers.

Smiling from ear-to-ear, the pretty reality star can be seen enjoying a walk in the woods with little Paul.

And her baby boy, dressed snugly in a warm all-in-one, can be seen sleeping soundly in the baby carrier strapped to her chest.

Sam captioned the shot simply: “Family hike.”

However, despite it being a sweet snap, Sam ended up being criticised by her fellow mums.

And it was all down to the way she was holding her bubba.

One wrote: “Irresponsible mother - this isn’t how you carry a child!”

Another added: “Should try and get an ergonomic carrier; these aren't good for you or baby - the baby’s legs should be in the "M" shape.”

“It's not the carrier that's the problem, baby should be facing mummy, forward facing means their legs dangle and isn't good for their hips,” revealed another.

“Your baby can easily overheat and shouldn't be in a pram suit as they are getting your body heat. Also baby shouldn't be facing out until they are older,” added one Instagram user.

Some leapt up to defend Sam, insisting that her critics were nothing more than “jealous haters” and “holier than thou mothers with nothing better to do” than offer unsolicited advice to celeb mums.

However those criticised were not perturbed by their remarks.

“A baby should never be in a pram suit when in a carrier as they can overheat,” added one.

Another said sagely: “These are guidelines based on years of research... I'm not saying it's going to happen to her baby I'm just saying it increases the risk.

“I’m sure many mothers liked to be informed so they can make adjustments to make sure they can reduce the risk of harm coming into their baby.

“She just probably doesn't realise it CAN (not definitely will) cause problems.”

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