Sam Faiers on pregnant sister Billie: ‘She isn’t letting anything scare her’

Sam Faiers has opened about sister Billie's pregnancy, revealing the TOWIE star isn't letting anything faze her about labour


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Billie Faiers' due date is fast approaching, but sister Sam has revealed that the mummy-to-be is completely prepared for motherhood.

Speaking with Star Magazine, auntie-to-be Sam shared her excitement about the upcoming birth, explaining that TOWIE's Billie was born to be a mum.

She said: "Billie is just a natural, you can tell already.

"She's not stressing out and she isn't letting anything scare her.

"Billie even said the other night that she's going to pack her pregnancy overnight bag."

And Joey Essex's girlfriend made no secret of the fact that Billie's unborn daughter will be the star of Essex when she arrives.

"The whole dynamic is going to change, but the little girl is going to be so spoilt!"

While the family are looking forward to the new arrival, Billie recently recalled the terrifying moment she collapsed whilst at a birthday party.

Speaking to Now magazine, the reality TV star remembered:

"I felt a shudder coming over my whole body. It was like my body was shutting down - I had no control over any part of me. My ears were ringing. My head hit the table and I couldn't move. Then everything went dark.

"I was lifeless, my bones ached, but in my belly I could feel loads of rapid movement. I thought: 'Oh my God, my baby's in distress'," she said.

"(My friend) Gemma Collins was fanning me with a menu and screaming 'give her some room!' Then (my sister) Sam helped me out to the car. I was sweating so much I had to take my bra off," Faiers continued.

"Then I started shaking. Sam was wrapping a blanket round me and saying: 'We need to go to hospital,' but I couldn't face A&E. I just wanted my bed."

Billie Faiers is due to give birth to her first child with Greg Shepherd next month - anyone else excited?

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