Sam Faiers’ completely free way to keep baby Paul entertained is GENIUS

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Sam Faiers has shared a cheap way she keeps baby Paul entertained and it's amazing

Sam Faiers is soon to be a mum-of-two after announcing last month that she's pregnant with her second child.

The yummy mummy shared a stunning photo of herself hold baby Paul while showing of her growing baby bump and wrote: "Words can't describe how excited we are to meet you baby 👶❤ We love you soo much already. #BabyNumber2 #2Under2"

The 26-year-old reality star recently surprised fans when she revealed she's gone past the halfway mark in her pregnancy, confirming that it's not long until she has two children under two-years-old.

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However, Sam has shared with her 1.9million followers on Instagram a free way she keeps baby Paul entertained – a bucket and water.

Yes, really.

Let's be honest little ones can be entertained by the most random things ever; your earrings, a torch, even their own toes... and Sam has proved that a bucket and water is no different.

The former TOWIE star confirmed that one-year-old Paul had fun for hours after playing with a bucket, a sponge and water. Sharing the sweetest snap of her son sitting in a bucket with a sponge, she wrote: "😂😍 hours of fun today with just a bucket & water #TryThisAtHome #MyLittleMan"

Sam Faiers baby Paul
Sam kept baby Paul entertained by playing with water and a bucket (Credit: Instagram / samanthafaiers) ©Instagram / samanthafaiers

Hundreds of fans gushed about how adorable baby Paul looks in the photo and some even agreed that inexpensive things are a great way to keep kids entertained. One person wrote: "It's the things that don't cost a lot that they love, he's too cute x"

Someone else said: "Love this, I have pictures of me at that age, doing the same thing, we would sit in there for hours x x"

One more advised: "Give him a range of paintbrushes too. Like wall brushes and rollers! Literally hours of fun! Xx"

A fourth commented: "When there so little they love the simple things. Mine loved card board boxes they had so much fun. Best part didn't cost anything.xx"

Sam Faiers
Sam announced she's pregnant by posting this beautiful photo (Credit: Instagram / samanthafaiers) ©Instagram / samanthafaiers

Even Sam's sister Billie wrote: "How has my chunky monkey squeezed himself into that bucket 😂🙀🙊😘🙌🏼 xx"

Another added: "It's the simple things that keep them happy, all 3 of mine have done this😍"

"It's amazing how they can be entertained so easy at that age it reminds me of doing it with my own he is gawgus ❤️😍❤️," said one more person.

So, the next time you're left worrying what to do with your little ones during the summer holidays try thinking of cheap things you did as a child. Trust us, you'll save a LOT of money.

Do you have any inexpensive activities you can recommend to other parents? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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