“She’s a crazed psycho!” Jasmine Waltz slams Casey Batchelor as she admits she was serious about her relationship with Lee Ryan

Celebrity Big Brother's Jasmine Waltz has slammed Casey Batchelor in a new interview - and admitted she and Lee Ryan's romance is the real deal.


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Celebrity Big Brother star Jasmine Waltz has revealed in a new interview that she and Lee Ryan's romance is real - and she's hopeful it will continue when he leaves the house.

Speaking openly about their on-screen antics - which saw the pair kissing and slipping off for a steamy rendezvous or two - the actress hinted that she and the Blue singer did a lot more than just kiss.

"We kissed and made out and did stuff – but we turned on the taps so people wouldn’t hear. We wanted privacy. We got very close. We didn’t want people hearing our business.

"It was the only place we could go without the cameras on."

Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz
Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz

Jasmine went on to add that Lee was "always turned on and always aroused" by her and, when asked whether the duo had full sex in the house, she hinted:

"Let’s just say we did everything we wanted to do in there."

But, despite viewers claiming the pair were acting up for the cameras, Jasmine insisted that she is serious about her romance with Lee - and even talked about a possible wedding in the future.

"The last thing I said to Lee before I left was, 'I will wait for you when you get out'. And I will. He did mention marriage but I can’t say what will happen."

Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz

However one person who did NOT impress the star was Casey Batchelor, who also shared a flirtation with Lee in the house before he and Jasmine grew closer.

Ranting about the glamour model, Jasmine branded her a "crazed psycho".

"She is sick. She acted like some crazed psycho ex. She wasn’t even his ex- girlfriend. If a guy tells you he doesn’t like you, then you back off. You don’t sit there and weird out.

"She joked she was a bunny boiler. It was no joke. She is."

Lee Ryan and "bunny boiler" Casey Batchelor


What do you think of Jasmine's claims? Do her and Lee Ryan stand a chance of romance after Celebrity Big Brother? And is Casey Batchelor a "bunny boiler"? Have your say in the Comments Box below now.

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