Rochelle Humes admits her daughter prefers Little Mix to The Saturdays… Awks


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Rochelle Humes has revealed that her daughter prefer Little Mix to The Saturdays

Rochelle Humes is absolutely DEVASTATED over her daughter's love of Little Mix.

HA - not really.

But sassy little Alaia-Mai does prefer Little Mix to her mum's old band, The Saturdays.

Speaking on Dad's Hour on Radio City Talk, the mum-of-two described her four-year-old daughter's defection to the Little Mix fanbase as a "dagger to heart" - but said it with a smile on her face.

Rochelle is mum to four-year-old Alaia-Mai and four-month-old Valentina Raine (Credit: Instagram/ Rochelle Humes) ©Instagram/ Rochelle Humes

Rochelle revealed that her daughter made the admission whilst they were watching music videos by The Saturdays, who went on hiatus in 2014, on YouTube.

She said: "I was so excited to show her The Saturdays' stuff. She loves her dance routines!

"But she said, 'Oh mum, it's good, but can we have Little Mix on please?'"

"It was like a dagger to the heart!"

But it's not only Rochelle who came under scrutiny from the four-year-old.

Rochelle's husband, JLS singer Marvin, also caught some flack for his musical past - especially a particular video which sees him dancing with a girl...

The 28-year-old explained that whilst showing her daughter the video for Everybody In Love, Alaia-Mai became furious with her dad.

She said: "She did get angry with him on an early video for Everybody in Love.

"He was smooching and dancing with a girl and she said, 'THAT'S NOT MY MUMMY!'"

Alaia-Mai was NOT happy about her dad's music video (Credit: YouTube/ JLS Vevo) ©YouTube/ JLS Vevo

Aww - we love Alaia-Mai's loyalty at such an early age!

She also opened up about life with a newborn the second time around, as she gave birth to her second baby Valentina Raine four months ago.

Praising her hubby, she gushed: "I feel like I give him so much praise because he's so hands on."

Although Rochelle highlighted the fact that this shouldn't be a surprise to people: "It's a 50/50 thing in our house, but that's exactly how it should be!"

Are your children a fan of Little Mix? Are they too young to remember The Saturdays? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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