Rob Kardashian is ‘bitter, single and very depressed’ – but is Kim to blame?

After he compared sister Kim to the ‘b*tch’ from Gone Girl, it was clear Rob Kardashian is still in a very bad place.


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His other sister Khloe, 30, recently opened up about his ‘social anxiety’, and a family insider has confirmed the 28-year-old is ‘sad and depressed’.

A source told Yahoo: “He definitely has social anxiety, but it really seems like it’s more than that.

“His family has tried and definitely wants to help him, but those are the people he feels left him behind. It seems like he’s then just spiralled into a darker place over the past two years.”

Rob in happier times
Rob in happier times

According to the family friend, Rob’s depression also stems from his failed career venture, sock line Arthur George.

The insider added: “Not every Kardashian venture has been super successful though. There have been some that have been bigger than others. It seems like he just sort of gave up.”

Of course Rob himself has openly discussed his issues with his weight, but some have suggested that he blames Kim, 34, for his issues.

Inisders claim Rob is blaming Kim for his depression

“Rob is projecting all of his anger right now onto Kim because he feels that she is the cause of his pain,” a source told Radar Online. “But Kim is not the cause of Rob’s pain. She is simply the catalyst in this situation.

“Everyone is concerned for Rob right now. Rob’s depression, anger, and everything associated with it, stems from the fact that he is not living healthy right now. He seems to be slipping off of the deep end.”

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