Rihanna reveals details about her strict upbringing ‘I wasn’t allowed to date’

Sexy pop star Rihanna has revealed in a US teen magazine that her mother wouldn’t allow her to date, but the gorgeous star reckons nobody fancied her anyway!


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Rihanna revealed: ‘I wasn't allowed to date. At 13 my mom would tell me, 'You can have a boyfriend when you're 16!' And then at 16 she'd say, 'I never said that - and as a matter of fact, it's 40!’

She said she was self-conscious about her ‘flat chest and mosquito-bitten skin’ and that ‘it was a horrible combination.’

The star grew up in Barbados but relocated to the States when she was discovered by Jay-Z at the age of 16.

Rihanna famously had a dramatic relationship with singer Chris Brown.
Rihanna famously had a dramatic relationship with singer Chris Brown.

The sexy popstar certainly doesn’t have a problem getting dates these days, and if her Instagram page is anything to go by she is no longer plagued by the same confidence issues she had a as a teenager.

Rihanna regularly shares pictures of herself in bikinis and various other states of undress on social networking sites.

The star is currently promoting her latest venture as the face of MAC’s Viva Glam lipstick in a collaboration with the cosmetics company.

Rihanna now exudes body confidence in her Instagram pics.

Proceeds from the lipstick are going toward MAC’s AIDs fund, which has raised over £300 million in the fight against the disease.

Rihanna said: ‘I've been around so many people who have been affected by HIV and AIDS.’

‘It's my turn to spread awareness. Because when people don't talk about this, they feel like it's not happening.’

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