Rebecca Ferguson: “There is a problem with over-sexualisation of children”

Former X Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson has blamed the music industry for helping with the ‘over-sexualisation’ of children.


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The singer, 27, believes that nudity and sexual imagery in music videos are influencing children, but isn’t blaming anybody in particular.

Speaking to a UK newspaper, she said: “There is a general problem because kids are watching these types of videos.

“But I’m not pinpointing Miley, it’s cruel and wrong to zone in on her. She’s a young woman expressing herself.”

Liverpudlian Rebecca is a mother to two young children and thinks there needs to be more censorship on music videos.

She said: “It’s a shame everybody gets distracted by the videos because the music is so good. There should be more censorship for children, but that’s down to mums being more responsible and video channels not showing stuff in the day.

“People need to act according to their conscience. There is a problem with over-sexualisation of children but nobody will speak out because they are too scared.”

Rebecca returned to the X Factor last weekend to perfrom her new single
Rebecca returned to the X Factor last weekend to perfrom her new single

Rebecca admitted that the issue helped to influence her new album, saying: “Freedom of speech is a big part of what my new record is about, because nobody is questioning these videos incase they lose fans.

“Adults can make their own minds up, but it’s to the parents to look after kids, tell them how a lady should be treated.”

The singer returned to the X Factor last weekend to perform her new single I Hope. She finished runner-up to Matt Cardle in 2010 but insisted that she thinks that sometimes it’s better not to win the singing competition.

She said: “It sometimes seems it’s better not to win The X Factor. Olly Murs has had the biggest sales of any X Factor artist and he didn’t win.

“But then I loved watching Leona Lewis too. I liked her story and she came across well. Her voice is still amazing. The X Factor is a platform. It’s what you do with that platform that counts the most.”

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