Rebecca Adlington celebrates post-baby body: ‘I have a kangaroo pouch – but I don’t mind!’

The four-time Olympic medalist gave birth in June last year and is nothing but proud of her post-baby body.

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by Yasmin-May Harisha |
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Rebecca Adlington, 27, has recently revealed just how comfortable she is in herself and couldn’t be more content of the way her body is right now.

The medalist has made it clear she’s all for spending that quality time with your baby and pushing the exercise classes to the side.

In a recent interview with the Mirror, the mum-of-one explained: “I still have my kangaroo pouch on my tummy”.

The former I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here star gave birth to baby Summer last June.

On trying to shift that baby weight, she revealed: “I don’t know if I’ll ever lose it but to be honest I don’t mind and I’m not precious. I think it just shows that I have had a healthy baby.”

We could all definitely take a leaf from Rebecca’s book…

The Olympian - who was used to a pretty gruelling fitness regime in the run up to the Olympics - is over the moon with her body and new addition and wouldn’t have it any other way. She says: “I just want to be a fit, healthy and active hands-on mum.”

The 27-year-old recently split from husband Harry Needsafter 18 months of marriage, making the next journey of motherhood a whole new challenge.

And we totally agree with the Olympian – it’s all about being healthy and enjoying being with your little bundle, while they’ll still let you hug them!

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