Channel 4’s show The Question Jury is BETTER than the Chase

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The Question Jury

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As The Question Jury arrived back on Channel 4 for it's long-awaited season two - here is your need to know on the fiery game show...

We are always up for a new quiz show to indulge in, especially when it's full of drama, huge cash prizes and leaves us with our hands in our palms thinking 'WHAT HAS JUST HAPPENED, OH MY GOODNESS.'

Ever since Noel Edmonds pulled the plug from Deal or No Deal, we have been struggling to find something worthy enough to watch whilst doing the ironing.

Luckily, The Question Jury is back for season two and promises to be the best thing since BYGOF on smiley potato faces. Here is everything you need to know...

So er, What is the Question Jury?

If you missed season one, essentially it’s a quiz show where seven strangers try to work together to answer questions- but only ONE person daily can walk away with the cash prize. Like it's moniker, the show is set in a mock-up jury. In each of the rounds, someone is nominated as 'the foreman' and they will be in charge of bringing the group to a unanimous decision to try to guess the correct answer.

The group must then select a 'final juror' who has the chance of leaving with the bag of cash at the end. Confusing? A little. Great TV? Absolutely.

What’s the prize money?

Up to 10,000 each day is up for grabs - which could definitely pay for your two weeks to Marbella (kids/stress free!)

How do I watch The Question Jury?

Season two will be back Monday 17 July at 3pm on Channel 4. If you miss it, you can always watch the show on Channel 4 catch up.

INTERESTING. What is it like to play The Question Jury?

Luckily, Closer Online got a chance to play the game with Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson and Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo and it was hilarious. (Though sadly we played for a bottle of champers, not 10 grand. But still.)

Here is how we got on...

Watch The Question Jury on weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm

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