Professor Green opens up about battle with depression

The rapper admitted he's still coming to terms with adult life

Pro Green

by Laura Donaldson |
Published on

Professor Green has given an emotional interview with Radio 2, opening up about about his ongoing battle with depression and coming to terms with adult life.

The 32-year-old rapper vowed to continue to fight against the mental illness in the candid chat, explaining: “I’m feeling more comfortable in my own skin as well as recognising, however reluctantly, that I’m a proper adult now. I’ve been trying to be more active in fighting depression.”

He added: “Society pressures us all into believing that if we’re not happy all the time then there’s something wrong with us. I’ve come to learn that happiness isn’t a permanent state and neither is sadness.”

The rapper recently revealed he believe his anxiety caused him to suffer a hernia and has previously admitted he has suffered from depression his whole life.

In 2015 Pro Green released an extremely emotional documentary called Suicide and Me, where he spoke about losing his father to suicide eight years ago.

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