Prince William reveals that becoming a father has made him more emotional

It seems as if the royal baby has tansformed Prince William for the better...


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Prince William, like any new father, has discovered that having a baby can change you - for the better.

And, for a forthcoming documentary about wildlife conservation in Africa, the Duke of Cambridge shas revealed that the birth of his and Kate Middleton's son George has compltely altered the way he views the world.

"The last few weeks for me have been a very different emotional experience - something I never thought I would feel for myself... I find, even though it's only been a short period, that a lot of things affect me now - when I see a clip like that [he was watching a clip of a rhino in distress] there's so much emotion and so much feeling wrapped up into conservation and environment. It's just so powerful."

William went on to explain that he feels much more "protective" of the world around him now that he has a son growing up in it:

"The wildlife is incredibly vulnerable and I feel a real protective instinct, more so now that I am a father, which is why I get emotional about it… you want to stand up for what is very vulnerable and needs protecting. Elephants, rhinos and many other animals that are persecuted don’t have a voice."

The Royal Family (including Lupo)
The Royal Family (including Lupo)

"My mother would come back with all these stories, full of excitement and passion for what she had been doing and I used to sit there, quite a surprised little boy, taking it all in – and the infectious enthusiasm and energy she had rubbed off on me."

Just as Princess Diana did with him, William hopes to pass the legacy on to George, whose nursery at Kensington Palace will be decorated with an Africa bush theme in mind:

"At the moment, the only legacy I want to pass on to him is to sleep more and maybe not to have to change his nappy quite so many times, but as he gets older I’m sure he’ll pick up the bug of conservation."

And will he be taking little George to Africa sometime soon?

"I think as soon as George grows up a little bit more. I will be hung if I go now. It's definitely a plan of mine to go back to Africa. I will always have Africa as a special place that I love to go back to."

The documentary, titled Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope, will be screened on ITV at 6pm on Sunday. Will you be watching?

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