Celebrity twitter feud ensues after Kym Marsh and Dan Hooper are spotted kissing following romance denial

Despite previously denying a relationship with her old friend's ex, Kym Marsh has added fuel to the fire that she is now dating Dan Hooper - after the actor posted a picture of the couple locked in a passionate embrace.

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Posting a snap of the Coronation Street star and him kissing in a bar, Dan wrote: '@msm4rsh and hoopsy great night. #nobulls**t'

Dan Hooper posted this snap of him and Kym on a night out

Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Waring was in a relationship with actor Dan Hooper for six years, and this weekend expressed her dismay that her long-time friend Kym was rumoured to be seeing him.

'I'm shocked and upset. I can't believe Kym has done this to me. It is killing me,' she told the Sunday Mirror.

'There is an unwritten rule that if you are friends with somebody you don't go near their ex partners. Especially when children are involved. He's not just some guy that I went out with for a year. This is a man I spent half a decade with and had a child with.'

Stephanie has a three year old daughter, Lexi, with Dan.

And it seems the actress is far angrier at pal Kym than her former flame, adding: 'He's a free and signal man who can do as he pleases. But Kym I actually considered a friend who I've known for years. It's left me in bits. She's heartless.'

According to Stephanie, when she initially confronted Kym over rumours she was seeing Dan, the Corrie star texted: 'I've not been seeing anyone - but babe if i was what issue have you got? Babe honestly listen, s*** happens in people's lives. I didn't set out to hurt anyone but babe I love ya.'

A spokesperson for Kym said that the actress was 'disappointed' in her friend's decision to sell her story, adding: 'Kym and Dan are not in a relationship but have both been single for some time and are entitled to socialise with whomever they wish. Kym has more dignity than to respond further.'

Last night former glamour model Nicola McLean tweeted: 'And Kim Marsh had the cheek to slag me off....#girlcode.'

But Kym's sister was quick to leap to her sibling's defence, writing back to Nicola: 'you're so tacky. Can't even spell my sister's name!'

Kym retweeted several messages of support from her fans, including one from 'mikeyt' telling her to 'rise above the skank.' She also posted a message saying '#bitter'.

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